Shared Bathroom Design | The Big Reveal

   It's the final week of the March $100 Room Challenge and I am so in love with this room!

          We started with a bathroom shared by our two girls, a pre-teen and a teenager. The space was disjointed and mismatched, and didn't feel young or happy or pretty. As a result, there was no motivation to keep it clean and organized. Need a reminder of what it looked like before? This shared bathroom has an individual sink/cabinet area on each end, with a shared shower and toilet in the middle, so each girl has her own sink.

          With input from the girls, and a beachy family vacation picture for inspiration, we created a design board and outlined a budget of $100.

          I exceeded the budget by $17. I feel guilty for exceeding the budget, but also ecstatic about what was accomplished for only $117! The majority of the projects were completed, but some things were crossed off the list due to budget or practicality. The painted floor design scared me, with the possibility of selling the house in a year or two. Framing the mirrors didn't happen because the lights are installed so close to the mirror, leaving little room for the frame.

          Ella's side before and after:

Natalie's side before and after:

We installed shelves over the toilet, and I don't know they survived 2+ years without that storage. 

          This dark tunnel is the birthplace of bad photography and grainy pictures.

The budget breaks down like this:
  • cabinet paint - leftover Annie Sloan Graphite
  • wall paint - leftover BM Annapolis Gray 
  • shower curtain - $20 (Target)
  • towel rings - $20 ($10/each; Hobby Lobby)
  • accent rugs - $30 ($15/each; Target) 
  • beach print - $12 (Snapfish)
  • shelves - leftover wood and paint
  • frames around mirrors
  • board with towel hooks - leftover wood and paint / hardware $8 for a 6-pack
  • turquoise cabinet hardware - $20
  • frame for beach print - $7

See previous weeks here:

I'm sending a thousand thank yous to Erin at Lemons Lavender and Laundry for organizing this once again! Be sure to stop by the other blogs to see the transformations! 

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A Bold Dining Room Inspired By Genevieve Gorder

          We're back for another month of Inspired By DIY, organized by Jess from Domicile 37, and joined by a group of talented DIY and home decor bloggers. I saw a bit of what the others created, and I'm super excited to check out their posts. So much beauty!

          This month we're featuring one of my favorite designers, Genevieve Gorder. She has been a regular source of design inspiration since the early days of "room makeover TV." In a world saturated with beige and greige, and farmhouse everything, she delivers a dose of global color, pattern, and livable design with a mix of new and old, and a blend of finishes to please both high and low budgets.

The Inspiration

          I'm consistently drawn to rooms with a strong personal element. Regardless of style, my favorite rooms reflect the story of the person or family living there. Therein lies the difference between a generic "model home" design, and a warm, lovely home. This is the feeling that comes through in the rooms designed by Genevieve.

58 Water Street Inspired by DIY Genevieve Gorder

          This room by Genevieve is timeless to me. It includes all of the elements I love in a cozy room; dark navy walls, warm wood, antique accents, and of course, brass.

58 Water Street Inspired by DIY Genevieve Gorder

See Genevieve's official site for the details of her renovation, and a ridiculous amount of inspiration. 

Our Home

          Our current house is a challenge for me; it is more traditional, safe, and a ton more beige than I would have chosen if I had made the early, permanent decisions when the house was being built. The crown molding is thick, off-white, and makes a big traditional statement. When a room frustrates me, or stalls completely, Genevieve is one of the designers I turn to for unique ideas. She has the ability to add personality and depth to a traditional space without feeling trendy.

          Pretty quickly after moving in, the dining room was one of the first rooms we worked on. I wanted a bold room to set a tone upon entering, to make it feel like we live here now. This room is the perfect size for a dark, dramatic color. The walls are painted Inkwell (SW), a deep navy blue that looks nearly black.

navy blue dining room with vintage brass details

          The mix of dark walls with warm wood and white trim is magical, and the decor in this room changes constantly. 

navy blue dining room with vintage brass details and vintage bar cart

navy blue dining room with vintage brass details

          I love these sweet old mid century chairs. They add personality and a bit of history to the room without feeling like stuffy old antiques. 

navy blue dining room with vintage brass details

          I'm headed to check out the other posts by my talented friends, and I hope you do too. Thanks, Jess, for organizing this whole effort! 

6 Projects inspired by Genevieve Gorder

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Shared Bathroom Design | Week 4

          Normally Week 4 would mean the grand finale of the $100 Room Challenge, but we have a bonus week this month! I could probably hustle and get it done, but I'm thankful for the extra time and the details I can wrap up.

          This beach print, which inspired the design of the shared bathroom, arrived in the mail yesterday. I wasn't sure what to expect for a print this large, and it is better than I hoped for. It was taken last summer when we vacationed in Florida. I should mention that we are not traditional beach people. This was our first family beach experience, unless you count the two times Natalie played in the chilly ocean outside of San Francisco when she was two. She doesn't count that, and neither do the other two, since they were not yet born. The kids loved Florida, naturally, so we will do the sunny-ocean-sand-castle experience again, but probably not this particular neck of the woods. It lacked charm and felt very much like a plastic family vacation destination. But we made some great memories that week!

          With Snapfish, and an offer of 70% off, I paid a silly $11.99 for a 20x30 print. I did receive a warning that choosing to print this large might result in a blurry image. I ignored the warning and forged ahead, figuring it was worth the risk for that price. And what I love about this picture is the layers of color and a sweet family moment happening in the middle of all the color. I'm not looking for a crisp image up-close. It was worth the risk, and it turned out just fine.

          I front-loaded this post with pretty pictures because the rest won't be pretty. This is real life. One of my girls is that brand of creative and intelligent that manifests as hopelessly messy, bordering on hoarder. I love her to bits, no matter what. The process of decluttering and deep cleaning her bathroom inspired her to tackle the rest of her bedroom and closet; a totally unplanned bonus of this project.

          We now have shelves above the toilet, all painted and already full of a mess of bathroom stuff waiting to be organized. Rather than buying new wood for the shelves, we disassembled an old DIY project that was no longer is use, and cut the boards to the right size. I used the same gray Annie Sloan paint from the cabinets.

          While Ella is messy, Natalie has passive aggressive tendencies - not sure where she inherited that trait. This is her way of reminding me that we still need to hang those hooks, because where is she supposed to put her towels? Right there, in a pile, one on top of the other.

          I pulled some decor out of storage to see if anything would work. Jasper is always there to bounce ideas off and he has exquisite eclectic sensibilities.

          These adorable Anthropologie plates were a gift from my niece, and my girls are fighting over which side of the bathroom they will land.

          The crocheted basket was one of my favorite projects from a while ago, and the colors work perfectly in there, minus the yarn and hooks. Just pulling that basket out inspired me to start another project - maybe another basket.

          So that's where we are after four weeks, with one bonus week left. Just a flurry of small details to tie up. Be sure to check out the other rooms; that's where I'm headed!

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png

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