04 August 2014

New House Tour - The Main Floor

Moving with three kids to a new state, spending ten days in a separate state in the interim, and trying to coordinate life in the new house is a logistical nightmare. Gas and electric were shut off before we had a chance to transfer without interruption, and the movers arrived two days after we did. 

I realize these are first world problems, but I'm having a glass of wine as a precaution, because I might combust spontaneously if I don't unwind a bit. 

*deep breath*

My second attempt to photograph the interior of the new house before all of our stuff arrives seems to be a success. These pictures were taken on my iPad, so no judgment, k? I'm sure the first attempt was better quality but there was no way to download them from my digital camera onto my really old laptop. #bygones

Warning, there are a lot of pictures...

Without further ado, come on in!

Just inside the foyer...

To the left is a small dining room:

...to the right is a coat closet and an office beyond the french doors:

The curtains will come down...

...and the tan wall color will probably go gray.

Beyond the foyer is the living room:

Ella got bored and decided to write down her birthday wish list. Grandmas, I will send it to you.  :)

The double doors on the right are the pantry. I seriously missed having a pantry.

The living room is connected to the kitchen:

Beyond the sliding doors is a nice covered porch:

So in love with the trees!

Inside the garage entry (just off the kitchen) is a mud room, half bath, and laundry room.

Check back tomorrow for a tour of the upper level, a.k.a. "the kid zone."

We will be knee deep in boxes and stress!

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png

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