15 September 2014

A New Bedroom For Ella

This is Ella. 

She is my wild card. Not to be mistaken for a wild child, she is actually very sweet and kind. I call her my wild card because you just never know what to expect with her. She is creative in a fascinating way. The girl searched "how to make fake poop" on YouTube, then proceeded to make it. It was a success. Peanut butter, Nutella, chocolate syrup, etc. I still find her in the kitchen whipping up a batch every now & then.

Through the years she has been a constant source of entertainment and wonder. She is the child that makes us scratch our head because of the things her mind creates and her mouth articulates.

She has been an animal lover since she was able to express it. Her first bee sting occurred when she tried to pet a bumble bee. She was bitten by a mouse when she tried to pet that, too. Fortunately, those experiences taught her boundaries with wildlife.

This is her with a dead pheasant. 

We had a talk about disease after that, all the while, washing our hands.

In September we celebrate her birthday, and this girl is due for a bedroom makeover. Natalie and Owen each had their rooms lovingly customized in Fargo. I held off with Ella because she is one of those creative (i.e. very messy) types that has trouble keeping her room in order.

 Really, who has time to tidy her bedroom when there are so many books to read, rodents to pet, and fake poop to make?

Her furniture is a mismatched set, but she wants to keep those pieces rather than buying new. That means two, possibly three paint projects for me, and I can get behind that. 

She requested orange walls. I can not get behind that. I talked her down from orange, and toward a soft coral that we both like. I MIGHT do something bold on the ceiling, but that will be determined after the wall color is up. (The off-white trim continues to be a thorn in my side)

She wants a new light fixture, and has requested a house plant. Never happy unless she has something to care for, even if it's only a container of Mexican jumping beans. Remember those, btw?

I'm working on the design plans for her room, and *cross fingers* the walls get a new coat of paint this week.

More to come...

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  1. You could get her some succulents, those you only have to water about once a month, and most ppl can remember that. Well if it's written on the calendar... And she sounds like a wonderful, exciting child! Thanks for sharing a bit about her. I think my middle child will be/is a wild card too, you never know what she'll want, say or do. :0

    1. Yes! Succulents are a great idea! I love the way they look too. I actually think Ella would be better at keeping a plant alive than I am. :( The middle child is such fun, right? Is the "well-adjusted" term meant to be satire? It's all in good fun though. I'll take an interesting kid over dull any day. Thanks for the comment!


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