22 September 2014

Ella's Bedroom…Coming Right Along!

I'm not ready to call this bedroom done yet, but the most important pieces are in place. We have bedding, curtains, furniture arrangement, desk & shelves, and wall color.

When I began to assemble the art & accessories, I noticed an accidental woodland theme. *I'm not a big fan of themed bedrooms, but with this collection of owls, foxes, squirrels, flowers, twigs, it happened organically. (pun intended)

*I'll go with a woodland theme any day over princesses or SpongeBob. 

Wall color was a never-ending headache for this room. Ella and I discussed wall color every day after school for what felt like months. When she hopped off the school bus I would have three or four additional samples on the wall. 

We considered every shade of coral, soft pink, and watermelon, then moved on to turquoise, and couldn't agree on any of these. 

The watermelon was my favorite, but I couldn't talk her into it. Honestly, I've learned not to talk Ella into anything. If she doesn't like it, she will be miserable. She has some strong opinions about her room. I can't argue with that. 

We were both somewhat sold on a soft turquoise color, but took a major detour at Sherwin Williams,  and decided to try Hearts Of Palm. I love this color.  A client in Fargo chose this for her living room and it is beautiful. It is a warm green rather than a cool, minty green. 

This is where we are now:

The sunlight pours into her room all day. The color looks so pretty and bright, and so perfect with her collection of woodland creatures. :)

I really want to wrap it up this week. She needs a headboard, art on the walls, a few accessories, and a massive organizing effort in her closet before we're done. 

But I love where we are. It is such an enchanting space.

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png


  1. It is, indeed, enchanting! I don't like a room with too much of a theme, either, but I think you've created a beautiful, serene, bedroom. I really like how you added the shelves and storage bar above the desk and I think the color you picked for the walls is the perfect shade. Beautiful!


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