08 September 2014

Laundry Room

I'm putting a check in the box next to "Laundry Room Project, Phase 1." 

This is where we started, minus the washer, dryer & rug. Those are ours.

It is a perfectly good laundry room, just needs some love and magic. We've had great luck with converting the area under the laundry room sink into the Kitty Loo, with privacy curtain and everything, so we did the same in this house. 

I removed the cabinet door, just on the right side, where her litter box is. The hardware is saved in a baggie taped to the cabinet door, which is in the basement storage in case we want to re-attach it in the future.

I really hope Nate Berkus doesn't take offense to the use of his new fabric line for my cat's privacy curtain, because I do love this print. So much. That's why I chose it. Minne says she loves it too. #sweetkitty

This was a quick no-sew project, just 1.5 yards of fabric, trimmed to length. I used heavy duty hemming tape and an iron to form the rod pocket. The curtain hangs from a tension rod, held in place between the wall and the washer. It's really in there tight, so it's not going anywhere.

Our mismatched socks live in the basket on top of the washer.

On the opposite wall I installed wall storage for brooms, mops, etc. This is the Fintorp system from Ikea, super easy to install and only $9.99 each, the hooks were extra ($2.99 for a 5-pack), but still very affordable. I'm using two sets, side-by-side. 

I love this happy flower watercolor for a laundry room. 

I found it on Market Street in Corning, NY many years ago and always find a home for it somewhere. 

Fresh flowers, a mirror, and a succulent. Even I can't kill a succulent. 

I am ambivalent about laundry. I don't love or hate it. But these small touches make me smile when I go in there, so it's worth the effort, right? I've been known to put a cute lamp in there too. You know, for those laundry all-nighters that pop up with three kids. A lamp is so cozy! I'll add that to Phase 2. #notetoself

The rug was a HomeGoods find, and I love the way the grays in the rug blend with the grays in the washer & dryer. 

Finally, we added blinds. The window just needed something, and I like the dark bamboo blinds with the cabinets. 

Hubby helped me install these yesterday. They were 1/2 inch too long on each side, but a steal for $10.00 at Lowes. He shaved the extra length off with his table saw and they work! 

So what's left? 

Phase 2 consists of a wood shelf/folding counter to go over the washer & dryer, and down the sides, waterfall style. 

I like the look below, but I want the counter to extend down to the floor, perpendicular to the floor like a waterfall countertop. 

image via

This will conceal the washer hook-ups, and provide a folding area. 

I have given Jason adequate notice of this project, and anticipate a two-month waiting period. It's football season. He needs plenty of advance notice. 

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png

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  1. What a great idea for broom and cleaning storage! I visit IKEA quite a bit, but never considered this system. Hubby built me a wooden dowel rack, which does the job, but this would be adjustable as needed. Thanks for the inspiration.


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