30 October 2014

Ghosts Of Halloween Past

This is our 12th Halloween with kids. What?!

I have one rule: they aren't allowed to dress as the same character more than once. Otherwise the girls would be some incarnation of a witch every year. I force them to be creative and come up with a new idea each year. #meanMom

A Mom's trip down memory lane, complete with poor quality, unedited pictures...

Natalie's first halloween in 2003 was celebrated in California, and she dressed as a giraffe. I have no idea why we decided on a giraffe. Probably because I was working full-time and waited until the last minute.

The next year she was more excited to dress up and beg for candy.

In 2005 Ella joined the family. This year we were in Iowa. Natalie was a black cat and Ella was a tiny pumpkin, only 32 days old.

For halloween of 2006 we lived in Louisiana. Natalie was a witch and Ella was a pirate. The pirate costume was assembled from clothing we had on hand: my belt, some brown leggings rolled up, and Natalie's blousey white shirt & denim vest. This is one of my favorite costumes. I love her baby cankles.

The next three years we lived in Salt Lake City. 

In 2007 I insisted the girls dress as a lady bug and bumble bee because I knew coordinated costumes would probably never happen again. 

I was a pregnant lady that year.

Owen joined the family in 2008, and Jason became a part of the decision making process. He chose Yoda for Owen. Natalie wanted to be the tooth fairy because she was losing teeth left and right that year. Ella was a devil. I chose the costume because she was seriously a demon child that year and it fit her perfectly. 

She? She's plotting something here.

In 2009 Natalie dressed as "ice," Ella was a black cat, and Owen was Alan Jackson. Remember, Jason was making halloween decisions for Owen, so obviously.

Halloween of 2010 and 2011 were in Minnesota. In 2010 Natalie was a cowgirl, Ella was a grouchy butterfly, and Owen was a can of beer. (Jason!)

Jason and I dressed as a vampire couple that year.

This picture of Jason is eternally amusing.

In 2011 Natalie was a devil, Ella was an angel (we all had a good laugh about that one), and Owen was a gnome.

After Yoda, Alan Jackson, and beer can, I wrestled control of Owen's costume away from Jason. In 2011 he was my sweet gnome. So dang cute. This marked the last year I had any say in their costumes.

Then we moved to Fargo and the kids officially took over. In 2012 Natalie was a cute & spunky witch, Ella was a skeleton, and Owen was Spiderman.

I just realized Natalie dressed as a witch twice! Son of a...!

2013 was the year of Danica Patrick, a monster, and a ninja.

This year Ella will dress as Katniss Everdeen, Natalie will be a hippie, and I'm still not sure what Owen is. He has the costume but I don't know what it is?! Something from Skylanders?

Happy Halloween Eve!

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29 October 2014

My Favorite Fall Accessory

I've never been gifted or bold in the fashion department. I stick to the classics, and I've basically been wearing the same things since high school: jeans, white t-shirts, black basics, converse sneakers, tall boots, black leggings, and cardigans with tank tops. Oh, and the button-down denim shirt, a nod to my fantasy Mom, Martha Stewart. This goes in and out of style every three years and I just ride it out.  I recently added Toms to my wardrobe. Scandalous. 

This year I bought a scarf because I thought it was pretty and perfect for fall. And by chance, I see it everywhere. Is it possible that I bought something on trend?

I wore it into the Apple store and the sales person exclaimed, "Oh you've got the Zara scarf!" Huh. When I started at her with a blank expression, she googled it for me, on the spot, as Apple people will do in an Apple store.

And there's my scarf, all over Pinterest.

It made its way into a few of my pictures here & there:

Accidentally on trend. But I'll be sporting this scarf next year too, when the trend has passed, because it's so pretty and I'm really not that cool. :)
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28 October 2014

I Found All The Brass Things

I made a quick stop at Goodwill last week. I don't go there very often because the prices are ridiculous. I get grouchy when an antique dresser is priced at $120.00 at a thrift store. It kind of defeats the purpose and eliminates the thrill of a good find.

But back to the real story...I went in search of brass, not really expecting to find anything. But I found all of them. 

There was so much sweet old brass at this place. 

Then, as I stood waiting in line to pay, I saw the one that got away. 

It felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach when I saw what someone had snatched up before me. The most beautiful brass impala bookend; there was only one half of a set. I do feel a small sense of comfort knowing that only one was available. Missing out on the set would have made me cry right there in Goodwill. (not really)

But look how pretty they are as a set:

I asked to take a picture because it was so pretty, then I proudly pointed to my cart full of goods and we bonded over brass.

One of the new pots has already made its way into the decor.

The whole lot cost less than $10.00 so I may go back to this Goodwill. I did exercise some discretion. There were many "brass-type" things that were either too new, not terribly valuable, or wouldn't work in my home. 

But that impala will haunt me...

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27 October 2014

Deep Navy Dining Room

What a happy thing this room is. 

Not ready for the full tour today, but I'm too excited not to share the 3/4 results.

Hubby helped me move our bedroom dresser into the dining room.

Disclaimer: art is in place but not yet on the walls. I just patched and sanded old holes before painting, so I plan to take my time before putting new holes in their place.

So what's left? Not a lot.
  • curtains, which I'm buying today
  • a pretty pot for my fiddle leaf fig
  • a rug, has been ordered
  • that light fixture will eventually be replaced
  • art for this completely blank wall:  

That will take time, and I'm in no rush.

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26 October 2014

Late Sunday Post

via TenderlyThreaded Etsy shop

Which is exactly what I'm doing with my little family tonight, as we drink tea, talk about the upcoming week, and read the final chapter of Frindle. 

Happiest of Sundays!
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25 October 2014


The weather was amazing today. The windows wide open, I managed to clean a good portion of the house, between picking up and dropping off for various kid-related activities. 

I knocked a good number of things off the weekend list. 

And now the only thing left is to relax and enjoy this piece of heaven and a glass of wine.

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