27 October 2014

Deep Navy Dining Room

What a happy thing this room is. 

Not ready for the full tour today, but I'm too excited not to share the 3/4 results.

Hubby helped me move our bedroom dresser into the dining room.

Disclaimer: art is in place but not yet on the walls. I just patched and sanded old holes before painting, so I plan to take my time before putting new holes in their place.

So what's left? Not a lot.
  • curtains, which I'm buying today
  • a pretty pot for my fiddle leaf fig
  • a rug, has been ordered
  • that light fixture will eventually be replaced
  • art for this completely blank wall:  

That will take time, and I'm in no rush.

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png

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