08 October 2014

Ivy League Style

Not too long ago I stumbled upon a board on Pinterest entitled Ivy League, by Schoolhouse Electric. 

This sent me on a trip down memory lane...

Ah, the old college ID. I found this gem in my box of college photos & memories. I was such a young pup. Blonde-ish hair with dark roots. Some things never change.

My Ivy League experience wasn't all tweed jackets and picturesque rugby games on the Arts Quad, or whatever the female version of that might be. There is an undeniable romantic notion about the Ivy League experience, but I was definitely an outsider looking into that world. I wasn't expected to study at an Ivy League institution, like some kids are. No legacy in my family. Somehow I ended up at Cornell, and I'm still not sure how that happened. No rich parents (I was raised by a single mom), and no prefect SAT scores. I worked very hard, and studied a ridiculous number of foreign languages (because I happen to love languages). When the acceptance letter arrived, no one was more surprised than me.

I felt blessed and amazed every day to belong on that campus. 

Cornell is known as one of the most beautiful Universities in the U.S., for good reason. 

Interesting information on the Hydraulics Lab,  pictured above.

                                    Photo by @Kaellyn Norby Marrs Nieto

Below: Lincoln Hall, where I took an elective class in Scottish Gaelic, for fun, because I love languages. This class kicked my butt and threatened my GPA. Scottish is NOT 'English with a Scottish accent' just FYI. Many years of German, Russian, Latin, and Greek did not prepare me for Scottish. "It'll be fun," I said. Pfft.

The Cornell Law School Library is obviously lit for a romantic dinner. Studying in that space would have been a struggle for me, more interested in the arched ceiling, the beautiful windows, and the fantastic chandeliers.

The Chapter House. 

This place is worthy of a pin on the Schoolhouse Electric board. I spent many a night here, listening to local musicians, avoiding the walk up the nearly vertical hill, back to my apartment on Delaware Street.

Beyond the campus, this entire region of New York is beautiful, but I'm admittedly biased. I grew up 40 miles from Ithaca, so I call this home.

Unfamiliar with the Finger Lakes wine region of Upstate NY? Read about it here.

The Ivy League aesthetic is a collection of ideas portraying history, knowledge, tradition, status, possibility, and all of the wonderful things I experienced during my years at Cornell.

Hey! How about Women of the Ivy League?

It was an interesting chapter, a wonderful time in my life.

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png


  1. I dreamed of attending Connell for Architecture long ago. Thanks for the virtual tour. Incredible architcture!

  2. love upstate New York. My husbands father's family was from Ithaca we've been a couple of times. A different world from where I live. Ivy League was never even a thought for me. I so admire those who have the discipline to get to these places. beautiful Pictures

  3. Wow, I had no idea it had such a beautiful campus! Thanks for sharing so many pictures! I visited the Finger Lakes with my parents long ago and remember it being nice, but I can see that Autumn is especially gorgeous.

    1. Autumn is gorgeous! I always get home sick this time of year.

  4. My devices were not cooperating with my comments yesterday, so here I go again!

    I loved this post. I'm a Texas girl through-and-through, but part of me would love to have known what it would have been like to go to an Ivy League school--even as an "outsider." I sometimes wish I had applied just to know if I would have gotten in or not. I would never have left my boyfriend (now husband) at the time, but it would have been fun to know. Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos!


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