29 October 2014

My Favorite Fall Accessory

I've never been gifted or bold in the fashion department. I stick to the classics, and I've basically been wearing the same things since high school: jeans, white t-shirts, black basics, converse sneakers, tall boots, black leggings, and cardigans with tank tops. Oh, and the button-down denim shirt, a nod to my fantasy Mom, Martha Stewart. This goes in and out of style every three years and I just ride it out.  I recently added Toms to my wardrobe. Scandalous. 

This year I bought a scarf because I thought it was pretty and perfect for fall. And by chance, I see it everywhere. Is it possible that I bought something on trend?

I wore it into the Apple store and the sales person exclaimed, "Oh you've got the Zara scarf!" Huh. When I started at her with a blank expression, she googled it for me, on the spot, as Apple people will do in an Apple store.

And there's my scarf, all over Pinterest.

It made its way into a few of my pictures here & there:

Accidentally on trend. But I'll be sporting this scarf next year too, when the trend has passed, because it's so pretty and I'm really not that cool. :)
 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png

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