23 October 2014

On My Walls Pt. 1

I am admittedly picky when I decide what to hang on our walls. I prefer to have a memory or a meaning attached to anything hanging on the walls. You see it every day. Unless you're decorating a model home, and the purpose is to keep it neutral (& boring) in order to appeal to everyone, don't buy generic mass-produced canvas art from a retail chain. Yes, I'm guilty of buying mass-produced art in the past. I think I let the last piece go in a yard sale.

So what were the first things to go up in the new house?

1) Mr. Goat from Bully Hill. Probably not his really name.

Bully Hill is one of my favorite wineries to visit when I return to NY in the summer. The view is amazing. I love to take my Mom there for her July birthday. Also, when I visit Bully Hill, I have the opportunity to drive through Hammondsport, the most adorable little town in that area.

I've decorated with these wine labels before. I like this one for a kitchen setting, and the green plant below pulls the tiny bit of green from the label.

2) This vintage liberty/suffrage print and yard sale frame.

I bought the frame at a yard sale for .25 when I was in college. It was in rough shape, barely keeping its rectangular shape, but beautifully rustic. I purchased the print separately, and it sat in protective plastic for months until it dawned on me to put the print with the frame. I went to a professional frame shop, and they reinforced the frame so it's more solid now.

3) Blackberry Balsam

This isn't technically hanging on a wall, but I did want to display it right away. It contains my maiden name, so it always makes me smile to see that in print. I have one more BJ Kendall ad waiting to be framed. I would love to have more of these but they are rare. 

4) The wall of maps

These tell our story, and they fit perfectly on this wall. This was a no-brainer for a first decor project. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to have this area done. It brings peace of mind to have a main area settled and pretty.

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png

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