18 October 2014

Scenes From Saturday

Today I sat back and soaked in all of the creativity going on around me. This was a day full of making.

Ella was busy making bats. Then she decorated the empty foyer wall with these creatures, because, obviously. She used this pattern.


I like how she hung one upside-down in the "sleeping bat" position.

Jason made Clam Chowder, which is a huge departure from his usual weekend soup. He also "made" a ton of noise during the big football game. Scared the crap out of the kids and the cat.

Jason is wearing his Saints jersey a day early because Iowa lost today. His Iowa jersey was angrily thrown to the floor after the loss. He tells me this is very important, and football people will notice the jersey discrepancy. I tried so hard not to roll my eyes, but whatevs.

I made pillows and finished the headboard. And if you're keeping track, that means I finished my to-do list, and now I have permission (self-granted) to proceed with painting the dining room!

And tonight we carved pumpkins!

No, the kids aren't usually allowed to perch on the table. This girls is intense...she has laser-sharp focus. She won't let anything get between her and the perfect jack-o-lantern.

His other specialty is roasted pumpkin seeds. So good.  

I just have to laugh when I look at this sad but sweet group of jack-o-lanterns. They're like a gang of misfits.

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png

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  1. What a fun Saturday! Great pictures and I before I read your disclaimer, I thought, "Wow, that girl is serious about pumpkin carving!"


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