31 December 2014

2015: I'm Ready For A Change

I am a firm believer in the power of a good New Year's Resolution. I know the idea of a resolution isn't for everyone. For me, for the way my mind thinks, resolutions work. I embrace a fresh start and a chance to begin the new year with new habits and convictions. The downside is that I'm not very successful at adopting a new habit on a random Thursday in May. The upside is that January 1st is a great day to adopt new habits, and that happens to be tomorrow.

My goals this year are mostly health and wellness related. My health and wellness affect everyone in our family, so it's a trickle-down effect. Changes that are good for me will in turn be good for everyone.

Aside from losing weight, probably the most obvious of all resolutions, I have some specific goals about changing our eating habits. I used to be such a health nut. Yoga, organic, whole foods, very few processed foods, little meat or dairy. Somewhere between Utah and North Dakota it all fell apart. I'm ready to put those healthy habits back in place. I've warned the kids, a hard rain is gonna fall this year.

I don't know if Jason realized what he was committing to, when he purchased all of the books on my Amazon wish list. They were heavy on whole, vegetarian, non-processed, and family-style cookbooks. He'll thank me later? He also presented me with a Ninja, so perhaps he also wishes for a healthier lifestyle...OR he wants many more delicious frozen drinks on the weekend.

I have a desire to focus more on family and to be present in their lives. In short, I need to disconnect.


I'm also on a mad organizing and simplifying tear in the home, as is usual in January. Bedroom closets, basement storage, kitchen cupboards, and the laundry room won't survive the next couple of weeks.

I love getting organized every January, and once again before the kids begin a new school year. I love a good, solid planner, with pen & paper. I bought this guy at Target, and already have January and half of February filled in.

Sugar Paper

My Mini-me has the one below. We are cut from the same cloth.

On the home front, I haven't decided if I'll be able to embrace Marsala in 2015...

...but I already have three big home projects in the planning stages.

Here's to a healthy and balanced new year!
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