12 December 2014

Update On Natalie's Room

This room is the very definition of a compromise. Our taste in decor is very different. She likes teal, zebra print, and plenty of posters. That sounds like a lovely room for a girl her age, as it should be. So that is probably where this story will end, until she asks for my input in a matter of months.

Why spend money and time creating a room that she doesn't love? I read plenty (too many...) decorating and DIY blogs, and it always makes me sad to see a blogger create a ridiculous bedroom for her child just for the sake of content, when the end result isn't even kid-friendly. I want my kids to love their rooms, even if that bedroom isn't worthy of Pinterest. Because this is real life and I have real kids. If Natalie doesn't love her room then what is the point?

I shared several ideas with Natalie, but what she wants is a room that she has created for herself, and I have to respect that. She spends a lot of time in her room, and keeps it clean and organized and super cute. I have no complaints, and I love going into her room and seeing the pride she feels in her space. She is a nester too, unlike her brother, who spends as little time in his room as possible. He could live happily out of a drawer. That little dude is another story for another day. 

We changed the color of her walls, and that made her very happy. Pink to turquoise. We relocated the black headboard from the guest room. 

We hung her favorite posters, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. You won't see that on Remodelista. I love Remodelista, but Natalie loves Taylor Swift.

We updated her furniture arrangement, and organized her closet and precious belongings. We changed the curtains. She still needs a more functional desk. I'm checking CraigsList regularly for the perfect desk for us to fix up together.  

She would not love this room any more if I hung a beautiful grid of Rifle Paper Co. prints in perfectly coordinated frames. Nor would she appreciate an expensive upholstered headboard.

Animal heads and chevron are all the rage in blogland, but she is not interested. 

She would not be happy with white walls and bohemian decor. 

But I did make one final change, and it got her seal of approval along with hugs & kisses. 

I love her room because it is a reflection of her, and she is pretty amazing. 
 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png

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