19 January 2015

Chair Rail In The Foyer

This is one of those projects that makes me insanely happy, because it is cheap, quick & easy, and makes a huge impact. 

"Quick & Easy" is a relative label because my husband did the measuring, cutting, and nailing. I did the caulking, sanding, and painting. But really, this is an afternoon project, assuming you don't run out of materials on that first afternoon. Did I mention my husband was responsible for measuring? Not sure what happened there. I kid...

This is what the blank, boring wall looked like before:

And after:

We used the same materials and measurements that already exist in the office and dining room, so it looks consistent with the rest of the house. 

The cost of this project was $60.00 including paint. Very affordable.

So happy about the chair rail, but now the vent is killing me. 

No, I can't remove it and board it up with drywall, because HVAC-blah blah, so he says. But when we  decide on a new wall color, the vent will be painted to match the walls. Hopefully it will blend in, rather than announcing itself in bright white

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png

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  1. You two did a GREAT job! Looks awesome!!


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