23 February 2015

Calm In The Kitchen

Oh, where do I begin with this kitchen? 

Let's begin by acknowledging that the kitchen is perfectly fine, pretty great, in fact. I am aware that I'm nitpicking. I should be completely content with this kitchen. 

On the scale of important things in life, the kitchen is admittedly pretty low. Healthy kids, roof over our heads, food in our bellies, those are the important things. Yet there are changes I need to make in order to keep my heart from pounding out of my chest every time I enter that room. 

My goal is to create a calm, bright, happy kitchen. I will combine elements of what I love with what I can reasonably accomplish without spending too much money and making ridiculous, unnecessary changes. 

The cabinets will be painted. I would love to change the granite, but that falls into the 'ridiculous and unnecessary' category. These counters are here to stay,  so I will choose cabinet paint to compliment and tone down the busy granite. I would love to remove the upper cabinets, but I don't see hubby agreeing to that. And the little resale value voice in the back of my mind reminds me that future buyers would not appreciate a kitchen with no upper cabinets. Just because I like that look doesn't mean everyone likes the look. 

Welcome to Brown Town. 

I know everyone loves dark wood cabinets. I know. But the dark wood floors and the dark wood cabinets make this room feel much darker than it needs to be, and kind of depressing. The picture above, taken the day we started moving in, shows how the kitchen sucks the light out of the whole place. 

This granite ledge does not belong here. Builders usually put the ledge there in the absence of a backsplash, so I don't understand why they installed a ledge and backsplash. I'm guessing the backsplash was an after thought?

I am not a fan of tumbled travertine, just personal preference.

I am not a fan of tiny, busy, glass tile. Again, preference.

I call this the Trifecta of Chaos, where the three elements come together. 

I am not a chandelier gal, but I know these beauties will make someone else very happy. 

Between the Trifecta of Chaos, the chandeliers, and the busy granite, this kitchen makes me nervous and testy. It feels like everything is shouting at me. I have three loud (lovable) kids and a husband that likes to listen to LOUD SPORTS. I don't want my kitchen to shout at me. I want to hear violins and drink bellinis over brunch with Ina Garten. 

I made a step toward calming the kitchen by removing the brown paisley valances, and replacing them with ivory linen. What a difference that made. 

The Plan
  • Remove and replace backsplash. We will have it professionally removed, but will probably install the new tile ourselves.
  • Paint cabinets white, or ivory, to match the existing trim and built-ins in the attached living room.
  • Paint island gray, to coordinate with the new gray wall color, yet to be determined
  • Replace chandeliers
  • MAYBE switch the hardware...let's see how ambitious I feel after painting the cabinets.
  • Replace rug, the maroon number has been the default "under the trestle table" rug for too long. 

This won't be a quick project. There are a lot of cabinets, and I want to do it the right way with the best results. I haven't decided if I will brush/roll or spray, so I plan to talk to some pros and do a fair amount of research. The air temperature must be above freezing long enough for the paint to cure properly, so I'll be waiting impatiently for spring. In the meantime, we are looking at paint colors for the rest of the house to replace the tan/beige. 

I'm collecting images of my favorite kitchens here. I can't wait to get started and also really dread the process, but the result will be so worth the effort. 
 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png

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