11 February 2015

New York New York

At the end of January I traveled to New York to visit my cousin, and catch a concert. Other than work-related travel, I haven't had a solo vacation in years. I am an introvert, and I thrive on solo time. 

Jenny has lived in NY (Manhattan and Queens) for a long time. She gave me the non-tourist tour, which was exactly what I wanted. I'd rather look at the buildings and shop in small, local stores, than attempt the Statue Of Liberty. I enjoy the quaint back streets. 

I decided against dragging along my good camera, and I'm glad I did, because we were walking all day, every day, and hauling that heavy thing would have made me grouchy. So these pictures are all iPhone quality, which does the job of capturing the moment, but the quality is obviously not the best. 

We spent an icy, gray afternoon in Brooklyn. 

I have no idea who these guys are, but they were hilarious. They took our pic on the Brooklyn Bridge when they saw us struggling with a selfie, so naturally I took one with them. For the remainder of the walk across the bridge, they shouted, "Hey, Ohio!" at me. Yes, it got awkward. It's not a short walk. 

I fell in love with the details of Jenny's apartment in Queens. So many years in suburbia have given me an appreciation for solid wood doors and old, cracked tile. 

We spent an afternoon in Manhattan and saw all of those familiar sights. 

Even though she leans more toward the NKOTB end of the music spectrum, she was a good sport and did the Jack White thing with me, even upgrading our tickets through "a guy she knows." I don't ask questions. 

I respected the no camera policy, but there are plenty of images of the show at MSG here

It's also worth noting that I ate the most delicious everything in NY. I don't know how I didn't gain a single pound, but I can only guess that all of the walking offset the obscene caloric intake. The salmon at Tir Na Nog was amazing. The chia pudding at brunch was the best I've tasted. I even tweaked my own recipe in hopes of recreating that flavor. The guacamole at a little restaurant in Queens may have ruined any other guac for me going forward. How do you make guacamole fluffy? I'll have to try the now infamous recipe.
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  1. Aaahhh!!!!! I need more details! How close were you? How was the show?! Did he play any Raconteurs? I'm kind of dying to see him. He looks so good in the pics (as usual), love the hair. So, I'm pretty jealous, feel free to rub it in.

    1. They played Top Yourself and Steady As You Go. I am so hoping for another Raconteurs album + tour. Probably won't happen. But you, lucky duck, got to see the Raconteurs! Who's jealous who's jealous who's jealous of who? See what I did there? :)


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