11 May 2015

Classic Desk In Ivory

This gorgeous desk was listed as a FREE item on Craig's List. By the time I contacted the seller, he had received so many inquiries, the price had increased to $100. Whether this was a marketing strategy or honest circumstance, I don't know. I decided to pass. I have a $30 rule with Craig's List furniture. In the end, we worked out a deal because he wanted to sell it immediately. He gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. Although not free, it was a great deal. 

This is a beautiful desk. Solid and heavy, with old-fashioned details and dainty legs under all of that weight. I love those legs. That really was the detail that sold the desk for me. 

I don't rush to paint beautiful old pieces like this, and I don't just slap paint on everything that crosses my path. But the finish was in need of some love. It practically rubbed off on my hand. I barely had to use sandpaper. And those legs were begging to be accented in a lighter color. 

After a thorough sanding, patching holes with wood filler, two coats of primer, two coats of Antique White mixed with Floetrol, and a layer of wax/top coat, here is the new desk!

I'm secretly hoping this doesn't sell so I can keep it and swap out the current desk in our office. Update: the desk sold immediately. :(  I was so sad to watch as it left my garage.

The wooden square knobs were pretty awful. I chose brass knobs (shocking!) to contrast against the ivory. They also coordinate with the tiny original brass lock.

Side-by-side, it's like a completely different desk.

On to the next project...that round dining table sitting all sad in my garage. I can't wait to pull my Highlander in to the garage again. That thick layer of pollen on the car is gross, and the kids would like to play basketball someday.
 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png


  1. Before I allow myself to get totally lost in your blog I'm taking a minute to tell you how beautiful I think your work is! You definitely have both the eye and the touch!

    1. Well that's the nicest thing I've heard in a long time. Thank you!


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