25 May 2015

Driftwood Table

But first...this is where we started.

This table caught my attention a few weeks ago, and it was offered at a price that I couldn't refuse.

It looked frumpy when I brought it home. The top was not appropriately attached to the base, which is why it sits at an awkward angle. 

I knew the legs would be white/ivory, but I just couldn't bring myself to paint the wood on top. 

After the first layer of stain & stripping agent was removed I loved the rough texture of the wood, but not the orange tones.

After patching and repairing the base and legs, I primed and painted it Antique White. Somewhere in the history of this table, a previous owner had a dog who liked to gnaw on wood. The top was attached correctly and sits level now.

I have been waiting for the perfect piece to try a gray wash/driftwood finish, and decided to try it on this table.

I sanded the top and applied a very watered down mix of white paint and water, quickly wiping it away with a damp cloth.

I did this twice and really liked the effect, but it needed more gray for a weathered driftwood look. So I mixed in some gray from my paint stash, and did the same wash, wiping away with a damp cloth after a few seconds.

Time for the top coat, and this is where it got a bit hairy. It looked so pretty, and I didn't want to alter it by adding wax or clear coat. But raw, unprotected wood is not going to last on a dining/kitchen table.

First I tried a wax, and when I rubbed in the wax it brought back all of the orange tones in the wood. I waited and panicked, thinking it might return to gray after it dried, but no luck. So I sanded that small area and reapplied the gray wash. Long story short: I should have started with Minwax Polycrylic. It is my favorite; it always dries to a hard, solid, satin finish. And because this table will be used, washed, and wiped down regularly, it needs a solid wipeable finish. Bonus: Polycrylic made the finish even more beautiful. It was a bit dull before, because I used flat paint in the wash. The satin poly added dimension to the grays, whites, and wood grain.

Before & After:

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  1. Very pretty! I love how the color turned out on the top!! Found you linked up at Home Stories A to Z!

  2. Wow you did a great job at bringing this table a new life!! I really like the driftwood top!!!

  3. Very pretty, and thanks for the great tutorial!

  4. Wow,Colleen…this is amazing!! Just love the new look!

  5. Beautiful finish, love the grey weathered top paired with crisp clean white , nice job!

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  7. Colleen, I just refinished the top of my coffee table with a similar driftwood color. My table has a similar turned base in black, and have debating about painting it white. I love love love how the white looks on your beautiful table! You did an amazing job.


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