04 May 2015

Turquoise Beauty, Loretta

This table was found in a nearby garage. 

I carefully placed it in the back of my Highlander and drove off to pick up a cute little midcentury chair. My friend, who was keeping me company for the day, was visibly worried. 

The table looked really bad. 

It was dirty and the paint was in horrible shape. 

I chipped away the damaged veneer, and sanded the top to a smooth finish.

I filled the damaged wood and uneven surfaces. 

The wood on top had a green tint, which I worried would remain after I stained. I treated the wood with conditioner, which really brought out the green.

But, to my relief, the green tone was neutralized by the stain. So after two coats of Dark Walnut and one coat of Red Chestnut, I applied three coats of Polycrylic to seal & protect the finish. 

It looks turquoise in the evening light of this picture, but that is still the original green paint.

After the top was complete I still had to decide on a color for the base. I sanded and primed. My helpers assisted in washing the legs with hot soapy water, scrubby sponges, and toothbrushes.

The base will never be smooth without completely stripping several coats of paint, and a delightful layer of crackle paint. With all of the grooves and details, I wasn't interested in taking on that task. So (I'm telling myself) the texture adds to the beauty and rustic nature of this table. Sounds good, and it really is a cute table, layers of paint and all.

I played around with several color options, but this table stumped me. The gray was too serious and dark. The ivory was too formal. My first instinct was turquoise, and I need to start listening to my gut. Even though it took three or four attempts to find the right turquoise, this is the right color for this little table.

And here she is, after one coat of primer, a coat of turquoise, some distressing to bring out the details, and a protective finish.

Am I crazy or is this table giving off a Loretta Lynn vibe? 

But also, I was listening to Van Lear Rose while I painted, so maybe that had an influence.

One last look at the before & after...

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