16 June 2015

Metal Parlor Chairs and a Hometalk Collection

I’m almost finished with the beautiful desk below. The customer requested classic navy blue with a glossy finish but the heat and humidity in my garage is preventing me from getting the high-gloss finish perfect. 

So until Ohio decides to cool off, let's revisit one of my older projects that I haven't featured on the blog yet. 

I found these chairs at a furniture consignment store in North Dakota when we were living in Fargo. They were purchased for a larger project in our house, a wall-to-wall desk for the craft room, with space for three chairs. I regret that I didn't buy one more because an even number of chairs would be ideal if I choose to sell them someday. The consignment store had about 30 for sale, from a restaurant that no longer needed them. 

This is a simple case of fresh paint and fabric. I started with primer then applied two coats of turquoise paint. After two years and a move out-of-state, there are no chips or scrapes. 

The cushions popped right out when I removed the screws under the seat. The original fabric was not worth saving. With a bold print like the one I chose, it is important to center the pattern on each cushion. Once it was centered, I stapled it in place evenly, smoothing it out as I went along, to prevent bumps.

We don’t have a craft room in the new house yet, but we still use them in the kids’ play room upstairs.

When the folks at Hometalk asked me to create a board for my favorite chair makeovers on their site, I thought it would be the perfect time to show off these chairs too. 

There are so many beautiful furniture transformations at Hometalk. It was hard to narrow it down to this small sample. Chairs are consistently my favorite project because they are quick and affordable, and always have a big impact.

Click the image above to check out those amazing transformations. And follow along as I makeover one piece of furniture at a time. So much creativity and inspiration over there!

Before & after:

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png

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  1. Wow! Such a transformation! Isn't it amazing how a bit of paint and fabric can really change a piece of furniture from old and outdated to trendy?


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