01 June 2015

The Eight Dollar Chair

I have a couple of larger, more time-consuming projects happening in the garage as I write this. Until they're done, here is a quick update to an older project.

I found this chair when we were living in Fargo. 

The chair is nothing special, just part of a larger set separated over time. I paid $8 at a thrift store, and that's a steal whether you plan to fix it up and keep it or eventually sell it. Chairs are so quick and easy, and you can always find a corner that needs a cute chair! (says the person fighting her urge to hoard all of the chairs)

I'll say it a thousand times: I don't like to paint every piece of wood that crosses my path. This is the perfect example of beautiful, worn wood, in great condition, that should be enhanced by the right fabric rather than painted a crazy color. Having said that, I will admit that I also bought the chair on the right in the picture above (from the same set), and painted it black. I regret that, and I'm about to remove that paint and start over. Learn from my mistakes.

I removed four screws under the seat, freeing the cushion. The original fabric was pretty gnarly and it went straight to the trash. I found an old GAP denim skirt in my closet that I hadn't worn in years, and played around with fitting it to the seat. The seams add a nice detail and broaden perfectly with the increasing width of the seat. 

I had such good luck with the Restor-A-Finish on the Midcentury Chair, and other pieces, and I gave this chair the same treatment. Look at that shine!

This chair lives happily in our navy blue dining room.  

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