27 July 2015

My New Favorite Chairs and a Chalk Board Wall

I want to call these Mid Century chairs, but truthfully, I can't find any information on them. The slightly curved arms make me question just how Mid Century they are. BUT I love them anyway, because they are so pretty. 

They came to me like this, from Craig's List, with a lot of potential. These guys are solid and the wood is gorgeous. 

I replaced the red/pink material with a Nate Berkus print, and a quick coat of Restor-a-Finish in Maple/Pine. 

Eventually I'll sell them, but for now they will live in the kids' play room upstairs. 

I've been working on this room (in my mind) for a couple of months. I finally have a solid plan and something exciting in the works!

Last night I painted one whole wall in chalkboard paint, and the kids LOVE it. They've been begging for a chalkboard wall for years. Our last house had textured walls, which are an awful disappointment when it comes to chalkboard paint. This house has smooth walls, and their playroom is big enough, and has enough natural light to accommodate a black wall. 

Before & After:

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  1. Very mid century...probably teak. The "makers mark" is usually on the underside of the seats. It was not uncommon for the styles of that period to have some curves...the legs and stretchers are what gives them away. BEAUTIFUL!
    I restored these http://beckwithstreasures.com/journal/2014/11/24/mid-century-dining-chairs?rq=mid%20century%20chair But I love your chairs...I have a mid century office chair, 2 "barrel" chairs, and a club chair I still want to reupholster! FUN!


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