02 November 2015

Tangerine Triangles - Updated Upholstered Vintage Chair

Welcome back to a brand new month and a brand new Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest! 

This month I am absolutely thrilled to be a featured host with our sponsor...

Minted just happens to be one of my favorite companies. I fell in love with their original art and stationery products, then I discovered that they offer fabric created by independent artists. 

Provided with five yards of fabric, we embarked on our first upholstery challenge. This month's theme: Take A Seat. 

I love the modern, clean, organic aesthetic of Minted, and I appreciate their commitment to independent artists:

"We believe that great design lives and thrives in the hands of independent artists that people do not have access to through traditional retailers. Minted uses technology to allow consumers to discover great creative talent, making Minted a place where artists can learn, gain exposure, and build their businesses. 

Minted is a design marketplace. We source creative content from a global community of independent artists, then sell the best content in the form of art, home d├ęcor, and stationery, directly to consumers. An early pioneer of crowdsourcing, Minted has held art and design challenges monthly since April 2008. Challenges are open for both submission and voting, the 'crowd' curates Minted's product selection by rating products, and Minted utilizes analytics to evaluate votes."   

I decided to work on this vintage Lewitte's chair that I've had kicking around the house for a few months. 

The previous owner began working on the chair, which consisted of painting one outside panel of the caning, and ripping the back off, before she lost motivation and sold it to me for $10.00. I just wish I had gotten my hands on it before she painted the caning. 

I can't overstate the hours in which I obsessed over which fabric to choose for this dang chair. The selection of fabric at Minted made it a really tough choice.  

I was looking for something vintage/modern, if that makes sense, to suit the chair, and a pattern with a happy color palette. 

Ultimately I chose 'Little Pyramids' by Stylisti, in the mint colorway.

I decided not to attempt the tufting because I am a big fat chicken. The thought of poking into that fabric and messing it up scared me. 

While I took pictures, Ella and I had fun playing around with her art and stuffed animals. This chair definitely fits her personality. 

This month Stacy and I are the featured hosts. I'm headed over to her site now to see the magic she created with her Minted fabric!

Also visit Lynn, Carrie, Evey, and Charlotte, and see what they've been up to! 

The November contest, "Take A Seat" begins now. Contestants have a chance to win a $300 gift certificate towards Minted's Art and Home Collections! 

Submission deadline: Friday, November 20th, 11:59 PM EST

Happy Monday, friends!

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png
*This project was sponsored by Minted.  However, the opinions and thoughts expressed within this post are 100% my own*


  1. Colleen! I love it!! What a project! Fabulous choice on the fabric! How dare they offer so many cute patterns and with an assortment of color options for each pattern. :) You're so right...the choices had me biting my nails. Fabulous makeover friend!

  2. Wow! That's a beautiful transformation! I love the bright colors :)

  3. Absolutely stunning!! I have a settee that has tufting that I'd love to try, but like you I am a chicken! This is just gorgeous...

  4. Colleen! Looks SO great!!! I'm such a sucker for a good chair but I have to admit the upholstery is always daunting to me!!! Also... pretty sure I picked the same fabric for a project TBD. :) Amaze balls.

  5. Love the way your chair turned out. That fabric is way better than tufts. Ineed to keep those chairs in mind - they are so dang ugly in their before state that I never think to actually buy one!


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