23 March 2016

Dear Houseplants, I Will Try Not To Kill You

I love having plants in the house. You wouldn't know that by the number of plants I've killed. One might say that I love my plants to death. I don't claim to have a black thumb; I just forget about them. I smile lovingly at them, then promptly forget to water them. Combine that with an utter lack of understanding about HOW to care for them, how frequently to water them, is fertilizer important?, where to place them in proximity to the sunlight, it makes my head spin, so I do nothing at all. 

But they're pretty, and I love the touch of nature they add to our home. So I keep trying. 

I bought a pretty little Jade Plant when we settled into this house, about 18 months ago. Something unprecedented happened. Not only did the plant continue to live after crossing the threshold, but it began to grow. It's as if this plant thrives on Netflix marathons, coffee/red wine,  and the Black Keys, like me. He is my spirit plant. He gets me. He has grown so big that I had to put him in a bigger pot. I'm emotionally prepared that it probably won't happen again.

With my trusty little survivor by my side, I felt confident enough to secure ownership of two snake plants. Snake Plants are my absolute favorite. Vertical and dramatic. These also continued to live despite the dry soil - dry like ashes in a fireplace - not dry like I forgot to water them last week. But they are ALIVE!

For those of you who may be keeping track, I have one thriving jade plant and two "hanging in there" snake plants. 

And that guy there with the red-rimmed leaves. I actually don't remember buying that one, which kind of weirds me out now that I think about it. Mystery plant. Seriously...where did that plant come from?

I gathered my sweet survivors and all of my empty plant containers. 

I paid a visit to the local garden center and asked about dirt - they call it potting soil. I asked about fertilizer - they call it plant food. I left with both of these things, and several new green friends.

They look so happy and healthy.

I repotted, fertilized, and watered the survivors, and found containers for the new guys.

My goal is to grow that snake plant. It has been the same size for about a year now. I may not have killed it, but it sure isn't getting any bigger. 

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png


  1. oooh, I adore that brass container! :) I'm a fan of jade... it sounds like the two of us have similar green thumbs - it's work!

    1. Jennifer - let's plan a thrifting day! I love finding brass containers for my plants.

    2. you're on! I'd love that!! That footed one is a gem!!! {I just noticed my "!" kept getting bigger and bigger there... had to state that ;)}

    3. Hey Colleen ;) I love that footed brass planter so much I featured on my friday favorites! You are welcome to come check it out: http://themooninmae.blogspot.com/2016/03/friday-favorites_25.html

  2. I'm in the same boat! I love my houseplants even as I often watch helplessly as they wither away. I've had great luck with my snake plant, and you're inspiring me to try out some jade! Good luck with your plants!

  3. They're so lovely! I have absolutely no green thumb and can't keep anything alive! I've resorted to all-fake plants in my house. I love all the fun containers you have them growing in!

  4. Love the little hammered brass container! Living in containers as beautiful and yours, your plants will look fabulous no matter their state of health ;)

  5. I was cracking up reading this because it could be my plant story. I've got an unprecedented number alive at once at the moment and now that you mention it, it must be because they thrive on Netflix and wine.

    1. I read on another blog just last night a good tip to keep indoor plants alive. Buy 2 of each plant that you intend on buying and rotate them inside and outside every week - It will keep them alive and well:)
      Delores Ensley
      homedecor guide


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