01 March 2016

Tackling The Craft Closet - Kon Mari Style

This month I decided to take on the craft closet. The contents of this large closet used to fill an entire craft room. We had a room dedicated to crafts in our former home, but I decided not to recreate that space in this house, not yet.

I love collecting crafty things, inspiration for future projects, colorful papers and fabrics, patterns, yarn, buttons. But the ratio of actual projects completed to unfinished projects is sobering. Frankly, my tastes have changed, and I don't have the time to do half of this stuff anymore. 

When we moved into this house I had all of the boxes from the craft room stored in the closet in the guest room. Over the past 18 months, the kids have rifled through these boxes, dug into the piles, strewn fabric and paper everywhere, and Jasper discovered the joy of yarn. I am also guilty of hastily digging through piles for the perfect gift wrap or scrap of fabric. In that time, this closet has become an absolute nightmare. 

"Oh hey! Let's form a Kon-Mari group and organize things!" I said, full of good intentions. 

 One great thing about blogging is the commitment you make to other people...which is also kind of a sucky thing for procrastinators like me.

I decided to tackle this closet because the contents were slowly killing me.

Too dramatic? Let me explain.

This closet was basically comprised of several years of my creativity, as a stay-at-home-mom, as my kids grew up and started school, as we moved from one state to the next. I tried to stay on top of these projects, but that became more difficult with each move. Very little of this "stuff" brought me happiness anymore. It became a black cloud of unfinished projects; the contents weighed on me like failure and wasted money. In short, it felt wonderful to let it all go, to kick it out of the house. 

I gave myself three solid hours to sort through the hoard. There were six main categories: tools & paint (I consistently use this, so I plan to create a work space), kids' sentimental items, home decor, kids' craft supplies, fabric & yarn, and gift-wrapping supplies. Aside from those categories, I had a "donate pile" and a "throw away pile." 

I threw away a ton of crap that I was happy to see go, and donated a small box to Goodwill. 

I only kept items in excellent condition, items that "sparked joy."

Any art & craft supplies that the kids can use were relocated to an empty dresser in the basement. They are welcome to use anything in the dresser, as long as they keep it organized.

The "happy birthday" banner is always tangled up or missing when we look for it. Now it's easily accessible. 

The white boxes contain school and art work from each of the kids.

I would love to add shelves and get those boxes off the ground, but, baby steps. I'll allow myself to enjoy this clean closet for a sec before adding an item to the honey-do list. 

So what is different about the Kon-Mari approach? In past organizing efforts, the emphasis was on organizing everything into containers and making it all accessible. This leads to keeping years worth of crap that I just don't need or value. I'm on a mission to minimize, and having excess "stuff" is keeping me from that goal.

This time I took a different approach. I emptied the entire closet, and thought about the best function of the closet. What is the best use of this space? I only returned items that are meant to go in the closet. Wrapping supplies, clean linens and extra pillows for the guest room, a box of fabric, yarn, kids' cherished items (that I want to keep out of their reach for a few more years), and large projects that I intend to happily tackle. That's all, nothing more. 

Anything else was relocated or removed from the house. Done! 

 I also plan to store off-season clothing to this closet. So once winter is over, I will store snow pants, mittens, boots, scarves, coats, and anything of this nature that might still fit next year. 

If you love a good organizing success story, visit my friends who are showing us their newly organized spaces.

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  1. Colleen, this looks so good! I know it was a lot of work and I'm really proud of you for diving right in. This group has really helped me to stay accountable. I'm so glad we have each other. Hugs, CoCo


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