06 April 2016

One Room Challenge - Week 1

After several years of reading along with these challenges, I'm jumping in!

Take a group of talented designers and give them six weeks to make over a room, and it's pure magic. The purest form of joy for design-loving bloggers. Linda from Calling It Home is the creative mind behind the challenge.

I have plenty of rooms that could use a good plan and six weeks of my time, but the dude's room is the winner. 

Week 1: The Before, and a Plan

Both big sisters have rooms they love, reflecting their unique personalities.

But the dude got the short end of the stick. I never bothered to fix up his room because he never spends more than a passing minute in there. It became the dumping ground for toys and clothing when his sisters tidied their own rooms. "Just throw it in his room! He doesn't care!"

Then it dawned on me, the reason he never goes in there is because the room is a pit. I had it all wrong. "If you build it they will come" makes so much sense now. I shall build him a sweet room and he will go in there. 

So this is where we started. His room was one heck of a messy, unwelcoming space.

I warned him the day before we started, he should plan to spend a large portion of the afternoon with me in his room, I needed his help on this. We collected garbage, tossing two garbage bags full of unwanted toys and odds & ends, not fit for donation. We re-arranged his furniture, and cleaned every inch of the room. 

We went through the shelves full of toys that he never plays with. 

I used the Kon Mari method of quickly reviewing toys and clothing, only keeping the things he loves. He was very good at this. He let 75% of the things in his room go. Truly - 75%! I put away important mementos, and stored them safely on the top shelf of his closet. He decided what he wanted to keep, and the rest went to Goodwill immediately. 

Without the excess "stuff" laying around with nowhere to go, he actually sat and played with toys he had forgotten about; he took pride in putting away his clothes and making his bed in the morning. We had hopped a train to Crazy Town. Even two weeks after the initial cleaning, he is maintaining it. Clothing is put away, drawers are closed.  

Just wait until we're done!

Once his room was cleaned and rearranged, we talked about how he would like his room to be. We talked about why he never spends time in there, and what we could do to make it feel like a bedroom he loves. 

This is the plan:

  • slate blue/gray walls 
  • a chalkboard wall
  • new bedding 
  • new window treatments 
  • a desk and chair
  • a bunk bed reading nook with curtains
  • and the one thing that will make or break the entire project for him: two football posters, featuring his hero, O'Dell Beckham

Yikes. Football posters - that's out of my comfort zone, but I have to remind myself, this is his room and the whole point is to make him love his room. So I will make it work. No thumbtacks though. They will be framed and look nice. It's a win-win. He's happy and I'm happy. 

Two other details I'm adding to make it extra-special: a wood accent wall and a nerf gun storage solution for his prized nerf guns. 

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png


  1. So nice Colleen!!! So boyish and the colors are great. Looking forward to your transformation!

  2. I'm loving this plan Colleeen! If you build it, they will totally come. Who wouldn't?!?

  3. Looks like it will be a great room once you're finished with it!

  4. This is going to be a nice, stylish boys room. I love the bold colors and the direction you plan on going.


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