20 April 2016

One Room Challenge - Week 3

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Just a quick update in Owen's room this week.

This was not a highly productive week, but I did paint the chalkboard wall behind his bunk bed.  I'll call that a success.

It already feels noticeably cozier with the painted wall, and coordinated furniture. And it continues to be all organized & clean, which is a damn miracle.

I used Rustoleum Chalk Board Paint, the same paint I used in the play room. Great coverage and no strong odor. I paint the edges first with my beloved angled brush, then fill in the center with a roller. I only needed one coat with the roller, then I filled in the thin areas for the second coat. Once I season the chalkboard paint with chalk, it all blends seamlessly.

So what's next?

And of course, the stained wood-planked wall on the opposite side of the room. That is the project I am most excited to dive into!
I'm quickly realizing that next week is already WEEK 4, and I still have so much to do! 

Be sure to check in with Linda at Calling it Home for all of the One Room Challenge inspiration you can handle!

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