28 April 2016

One Room Challenge - Week 4

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This little room is turning out better than I had imagined. I didn't realize the extent to which we had ignored this room. Now it feels cozy and loved. His room has the benefit of lovely sunlight and a nice breeze. That lovely sunlight is going to make final photography a challenge. 

So, regarding progress this week, we did make some. The wood wall is 75% installed. The image below is a quick shot I took as it went up, but we have since completed the entire middle section and the area above the windows.

wood planks, one room challenge, diy, paneling

We need to cut and attach a few small side pieces. When I say "we need to" I mean my husband needs to. We have a circular saw and the thing terrifies me. I will be the person who lops off a finger. However, the husband is not happy having been dragged into my little project. Bless his heart, he spent most of Sunday stomping around the garage, and to and from Owen's bedroom transporting the freshly cut planks.

maple plywood, paneling, diy

I tend to underestimate the amount of work to be done, and he exaggerates based on how annoyed he is. BUT, he did admit in a low, barely audible grumble, that it looks nice. I'll take that as a full blown compliment!

I chose a thin maple plywood, and used two sheets for $15 each. This material is thin enough that it won't sit too far out from the wall. I decided not to remove the crown molding or window trim because they are a nice feature in our house. Even though I love the look of a wall of stained wall planks, I can't bring myself to remove our molding just to create that look. This very thin wood does not look awkward when placed beside the molding.

We measured the space and decided on a width of 8" per plank. We kept it simple and clean, without a lot of staggering. Using my pneumatic nail gun and an air compressor, I nailed each plank into a stud. I use a simple level too, to be sure each plank is sitting perfectly level before nailing into the stud.

I am super excited to see how rich and warm it looks when I add the Gel Stain! 

Aside from the wood wall, textiles have been procured! We have new duvet covers, sheets, pillows and new curtains! Oh yes - I hung the curtains BEFORE I stained the wall because I have no patience. I just could not wait.

boy's room, one room challenge, decorating

boy's room makeover, bedding, one room challenge

I also found a funky little side chair that fits perfectly in his room.

vintage chair

I was planning to use a white slipcovered barrel chair that we aren't currently using, but this just fits the room. If you follow along on Instagram, you know this funky chair offers a lovely aroma of pepperoni and house fire. Anyone who has taken in an old vinyl chair knows that smell. I wonder why funky old chairs always smell like wood stove and cured meats?

I will be updating the chair with chalk paint, which works like a dream on vinyl. I might remove the spindles too, which are doing no favors for the old fella. You will not recognize it when I'm done. At the very least it will smell like basset hound rather than salami.

Well that's another productive week down, and still so many projects to go before the big final reveal.

Be sure to check in with Linda at Calling it Home for all of the One Room Challenge inspiration you can handle!

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  1. I love the desk and chair! And the blue dresser. Fun room!

  2. Colleen - your ORC space is coming along beautifully! Can't wait to see the end result.
    Vicki and Jenn
    2 Bees in a Pod


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