16 May 2016

Vintage Furniture & Modern Home Decor

I would rather bring home a beautiful piece of vintage furniture than an ordinary piece of new furniture. Any day of the week. Craig's List and estate sales beat the pants off expensive reproductions and bland furniture with no personality. 

I have a house full of vintage furniture that has been incorporated into our traditional/modern home. 

Let's begin with this set of Richardson-Nemschoff chairs.

They caught my eye a few weeks ago. The buyer asked $40 for the set. Something about the delicately curved arms, and the narrow spindles with straight back. They look like a Danish version of a windsor chair, with a vinyl seat. 

I picked them up the next day and fell in love. 

The real adventure begins with the discovery of original tags to help identify the maker and value of your new/old furniture. My inner history geek mingles with my inner furniture geek, and together they hold hands and giggle about the designer and the history of the manufacturer. 

This was a new one for me. With a quick search of "Richardson Nemschoff" I turned up some gorgeous pictures of my new/old chairs, in great condition.

The Richardson-Nemschoff company also produced beauties like this: (image found here)

This green chair is delightful, image found here.

These beautiful chairs are all examples of Lawrence Peabody for Richardson Nemschoff. I found a bit of information online, which was repeated over and over from one blog to another, but I hope to learn more about him from a different source.

I would love to get my hands on this original booklet. 

Then I discovered this set (found here). 

These chairs bear a striking resemblance to another set of vintage chairs in my collection. My chairs had no tags when I found them, so I don't know the maker. But this has reignited my interest. 

My Richardson-Nemschoff chairs now reside in the dining room. They replaced our old white slipcovered parsons chairs. 

The pedestal table I refinished a few years ago is still holding up. 

Except for two small nicks in the vinyl, the seats are in excellent condition.  I like the simple beauty of the original wood too, so I will refresh the stain, but they won't be painted. 

They fit right in. They have character and they have a history, and that is how I blend vintage furniture into our home. 

And this is how some of my vintage-loving friends decorate with vintage furniture. 

Erin Spain updated found this accent chair with original upholstery for the office, and refinished a similar chair for her son's room. 

This set of Milo Baughman-style chairs at Scotch & Nonsense, make me so very sad. Because I want them in my living room. Just look at that perfectly worn leather against the metal frame. Arielle, if these go missing, I know nothing about it. :)

Dena from Hearts & Sharts found this chair in great condition and didn't even need to replace the upholstery. The pillow gets me every time, with the navy blue vintage sofa peeking in from the side. Dena has such good luck with cool old furniture. 

Karen combined two vintage chairs to make this office chair. The wooden base kills me. BTW, Karen is kicking off a whole new blog design soon. I can't wait to see it! 

Maggie Overby also has a chair problem. Just read about her collection in this blog post.  Maybe we should form a support group. We could discuss strategies for hiding our cool old furniture from our husbands, who grow tired of furniture piling up in the garage. 

Go now, and google 'Lawrence Peabody for Richardson Nemschoff.' 

Midcentury beauty awaits!
 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png

11 May 2016

One Room Challenge - The Reveal!

Well this is exciting! We're starting to see the results of everyone's planning and hard work. This has been a great motivation for me to stick with it and finish this room. There are certainly a number of small projects to tackle down the road, but when I look at how far we've come, I am so happy I joined the challenge!

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