02 June 2016

Eclectic Interiors Summer Home Tour 2016

Welcome to Day 4 of the Eclectic Interiors Summer Tour!

I am blown away by every single tour this week. I see so much of my own style in the homes of these amazing ladies! I spot things from our own home; beautiful items saved from thrift stores and given a second life in these beautiful homes, bursting with eclectic style. I am honored to be a part of this group!

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So Let's Jump In! 

landscaping, back yard, Ohio

 I grew up in upstate NY, where you are surrounded by vibrant GREEN in the spring and summer. I desperately missed trees, bushes, grass and flowers when we lived in several other states. No trees...no hills...no green. At least, not the lush, thick, natural stuff I am accustomed to.

Then we moved to Ohio, and I have been delighted with the beauty of all four seasons. Spring and summer are explosions of color and nature. 

The previous owners of this home blessed us with amazing landscaping. Even more amazing...we haven't killed it yet. 

basset hound

My husband planted that tiny lilac bush last year for our anniversary, and we thought it was dead. The bush, not the marriage. Ha! This year it came back, and maybe someday it will grow my favorite flower? 

rose bush, landscaping, ohio

landscaping, back yard, creek, ohio

The creek is one of my favorite features.

(except for when it looks as though it might flood our yard and basement...)

I encourage the kids to get in there and explore. They find tadpoles (catch and release, kids!) frogs, and an occasional snake. We hear the bullfrogs croak loudly. The kids make snacks with their friends and cross to the other side of the creek to eat the snack on a log. Seriously. It melts my adventure-loving heart. I cherish the memories they're making.

Even with the beautiful landscaping, some of my favorite plants are the wildflowers, and the areas left untouched by the landscapers. I have always loved a nice field of wildflowers. 

wildflowers, back yard, ohio

landscaping, back yard, ohio

And the sticks. Jasper asked me to talk about the sticks. Our yard is a stick heaven. 

basset hound

From the deck off the kitchen you can see the outdoor fireplace, and outdoor kitchen, which essentially convinced us to buy the house. We love to entertain out here. Throw some music on the outdoor speakers, make smores, hang out with friends while the kids run through the trees catching fireflies and shooting nerf guns. 

back yard, patio, outdoor fireplace, landscaping, ohio

deck, wicker, fiddle leaf fig, lantern

We have a routine of reading books together on the deck, after showers, just before bedtime. But it can get humid in the summer, so we pick up and continue in the fall. 

herbs, herb garden, parsley, cilantro, rosemary, basil, antique tool box

My little herb garden is just beginning. Cilantro, basil, mint, and rosemary. Herbs are one of the few plants I can grow well. I love having a ready supply of herbs for fresh pesto, mojitos, guacamole, sangria, etc. 


One of the first rooms I tackled was the dining room. 

dining room, antique chairs, brass tray, vintage chairs

The dark navy blue walls are nearly black, but this room is flooded with natural light, and the white molding keeps it from feeling too dark. The brass tray was a thrifted find, brought to me by a friend who knows how much I love old brass. 

The chairs brought the whole room together. I love a sweet set of vintage chairs. 

Nearly every inch of the house was goldy-beige when we moved in, but I am not a fan of goldy-beige, so I painted the entire main floor of the house BM Annapolis Gray. What a difference! It's lighter and brighter, and more neutral. 

Annapolis Gray, Benjamin Moore, painting a two story foyer

The Main Living Space

foyer, cats and dogs, snake plant

vintage leather chair, living room, sectional

vintage painted dresser, gallery wall, maps

vintage dresser, gallery wall, maps,

I never get tired of this scene. It feels like we live in a tree house. In our previous house we looked right at the back of the neighbor's house, awkwardly close, so we really appreciate the privacy.

I might be afraid of color. I like to use color and pattern in small places that are easily switched out for the season, and keep a neutral background. These floral pillows add color for summer. Truthfully, I would love to play around with color more, but it makes me nervous.

eclectic home tour, pillows, black and white

This pair of vintage handkerchiefs adds a bit of color. One on the table, and the other framed on the mantle. 

wildflowers, summer mantle, vintage handkerchief

Ella picked wildflowers from our back yard for this arrangement. Check out my mom in 1967! I love this picture of her with my sister. 

1960's, vintage photograph, photo on canvas

In the kitchen I recently traded our set of country black windsor chairs for these Eck Adams beauties. I love the midcentury chairs mixed with the farmhouse table. The other chair fills in until I find the perfect set of chairs to go on either end. 

farmhouse table, trestle table, eck adams chair, vintage chair, chandelier, eclectic decor

I try to keep it simple, and that chandelier above the table is killing me. Not my choice. It will be gone with the kitchen makeover.  Even Jason agrees...the chandeliers must go. 

Chandeliers. Oh yes. There are two. Twinsies. I catch myself physically blocking the chandeliers out of the picture with my hand just to envision how much simpler the room would be without them. 

gallery wall, eclectic decor, eck adams chairs, vintage chair

Are you doing it too? Are you putting your hand in front of the chandelier to block it out? Welcome to my world. Let's focus on a scene of calming succulents. 


The Kids' Spaces

These rooms were personalized right away. As often as we move, I try to make their rooms a priority so they have a place of their own that they love. 

kids rooms, decor

The Rest Of The House

There are so many rooms I haven't touched. The entire finished basement, our master bedroom, the office, the powder room, the mudroom, the laundry room, and the kitchen. 

The kitchen is next on my list, but it is such a undertaking; it will require new lighting, new tile, updated cabinets...I'll save that post for another day. 

 See More Eclectic Homes

Now! Go see the tours from earlier in the week, but only if you want tons of super cool inspiration.
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  1. colleen, this is so fresh! i love your tour- the fireplace in the back yard.... i would LOVE to hang out there!!!!! wow! my absolute favorite touch though? the vintage photo of your mom on canvas... it's beautiful, summery, and special.

  2. Colleen, I love your home and you style! That dining room is perfection - the wall color, that brass tray! The one thing we wish we had and don't is an outdoor fireplace. (How fun that must be with the kiddos.) So much potential in this home. I can't wait to see it transform.

  3. Wow, your outdoor space is fantastic! Love that fireplace - we would use that thing all the time. The picture of your mom is so adorable and I would totally take that brass tray if you get tired of it.

  4. Love love love! your outdoor space is to die for!!!! I love it but I would be afraid of the water rising in the back. On another note, your home is perfectly decorated and gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! That throwback image of your mom, is BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Thanks Jess! Thankfully the back yard has never flooded (knocking on wood as I type) but it has risen up to an alarming level then quickly receded.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. (I used "you're" incorrectly and couldn't live with myself, hence the deleted comment.) It is such a treat to meet you through this tour! I had fun seeing where you've lived and thought for sure Texas would've been on your map since your husband is an engineer. You can't swing a cat without hitting one in Texas. I love your home and I would've bought the house for the outdoor space, too. It's just gorgeous!

    1. Ha! That is totally something I would do. Nothing worse than using the wrong "your" unless it's the incorrect use of "there." #grammargeek

      No Texas for us. Jason's company is mostly located in the midwest. Yay. :) Thank yo ufor stopping by and leaving a such a lovely comment!

  7. Your luscious green outdoor space is so gorgeous, but the inside is even better! I am especially crushing on your mid-century dining room chairs!

    1. Thanks Angela. I can't tell you what a difference the chairs make! I had black high-back windsor chairs before and they added to the business already happening in the kitchen.

  8. Your home is so lovely! Loved reading about how you use it too, with walks to the stream and reading on the deck. Sounds pretty perfect!

  9. Oh wow, I'm in love with your outdoor space! And the dining room chairs are AMAZING. As someone with a chandelier she frequently crops out of photos, I empathize with your situation! :)

  10. You have a beautiful outdoor space. What a treat! I really like the wall colors inside your house. Gold-beige is not my thing either. ;) The dining chairs and brass are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your pretty home!


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