13 June 2016

Fab Furniture Flippin Contest; Saltwash, my Coastal Cabinet

Last week I introduced the June Fab Furniture Flippin Contest, Coastal Inspirations, sponsored by Saltwash™.

Over the weekend I finally finished my own project. I was so excited to try this stuff, and I was not disappointed!

The Inspiration

This is an old oil painting my Mom had in her stash. She sent it home with me last year, and I've been using it in the guest room.  

I focused on the light turquoise blues and whites in this painting for the inspiration.

This sweet cabinet has been hanging out, waiting to be finished. I painted the inside, then ran out of steam. 

Mixing the Saltwash™

I followed the directions included in the package; add powder to any type of paint, any color of your choice. Mix to the consistency of cake icing, then apply the thickened paint to the furniture. Once it dries to a tacky, nearly dry texture, gently smooth the peaks with a brush. When the first color is dry, apply the second color.

Their directions provide greater detail than mine!

After the first coat, I added another color over the top, a very light aqua. This was the main color I wanted to see, with the dark blue peeking out from underneath.

Then I sanded to expose a tiny bit of dark blue underneath, along with the original wood. 


Of course I had to stage the inside with some of my brass! Side note: I collect anything "Kendall." I have always loved my maiden name, even after it became all Kardashian-chic.  :)

Like a true paint geek, I was thrilled with the amount of texture the Saltwash created. You can sand down the top layer to expose as much of the first color as you want. 

I only sanded along the areas where paint would naturally wear with use. 

This is going to be a great month; I am so excited to see what our talented furniture-loving contestants create!

In the meantime, see how my cohosts used their Saltwash™!

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