27 June 2016

Wingback Chair Makeover

wingback chair makeover furniture upholstery

Wingback chairs are everywhere, begging to be made over and loved again. These chairs were a staple in living rooms across America in the 80's and 90's. Now you can find them everywhere, for cheap!

A few months ago my friend and neighbor, Jennifer, asked if I had ever tackled a wingback. Jennifer also happens to be an amazing photographer with a super cute blog.

So no, I had not tackled a wingback yet. But I reupholstered a channel back chair, so this must be easier.

One would think. Each project comes with a lesson. I learn something new with every piece of furniture, whether painting or upholstery.

wingback chair makeover furniture upholstery

wingback chair makeover furniture upholstery

 This project was a lesson in carefully lining up the print so the heavier pattern of dots was centered on the interior chair back, then flowed down to the cushion (both sides!), and the lower front. That situation got a little hairy, but it worked out. The pattern on the interior of the arms runs horizontally, which I did not account for, and we had to order extra fabric for the arms. Thankfully, a fat quarter gave us the material we needed, and the patterns lined up perfectly.

I do love how it turned out!

wingback chair makeover furniture upholstery

Jennifer chose this dalmation print from Spoonflower, in faux suede.

At $34/yard she lowered the overall cost by pairing the print with coordinating linen on the back and sides.

After several unsuccessful attempts at stripping the legs, Jennifer painted them in ASCP Graphite with Dark Wax, and distressed them just a bit.

wingback chair makeover furniture upholstery

These prints go together beautifully. I think it tones down the busy dalmation print, and using two materials on a chair is very popular lately.

Having this wingback behind me, knowing how they're put together, and having an understanding of the process, I would LOVE to take on another one. Maybe even a pair!

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png

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