10 July 2016

Summer 2016: Loveland Castle

I'm taking a break from the topic of home decor, furniture restoration, and DIY to get out of the house and break the routine boredom of summer. A few weeks ago I decided to resign from my full time job and stay home with the kids. They are getting too big, too fast. The youngest Stevens is already 8, and I feel like I'm chasing after the precious memories.

The reality is that summers at home quickly become a chorus of bored kids who pick fights or watch tv all day, so I devised a plan to avoid these pitfalls, and explore our beautiful adopted state of Ohio. Each week we will choose a different spot to visit, armed with a picnic, because the point is not to spend money, but rather to spend the day outside. Weekly outings force me to be creative in finding interesting places to visit.

This week we drove just outside of Cincinnati to explore Loveland Castle with neighborhood friends. 

The castle is smaller in real life that it appears in pictures, but still very cool to walk through. I would have loved to spend the day here as a kid, letting my imagination run wild. 

Medieval law finally caught up to this guy. Too much sass will land you in the stocks. 

That's so much better than sitting in an air-conditioned house all day. 

Next week - back to Upstate NY for lakes, vineyards, antiques, a new baby, and a special birthday!

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