19 October 2016

Swap It Like It's Hot 6

Swap It Like It's Hot #6!

This is one of my favorite blog hops. If you're new to the whole thing, this is how it works: Meet a group of daring and creative bloggers. In a round-robin fashion, boxes of forlorn treasures are sent and received to these bloggers (worth ~$10) according to a spreadsheet, the likes of which only evil genius Charlotte of Ciburbanity can create. 

Sounds fun. Let's jump in. 

I received this box from Allison Fannin of Two Thirty-Five Designs. Allsion is one amazing and talented designer. I lose days on her blog. She sent me a very interesting box, containing these items. You spoil me, Allison! 

How cool is this stuff? Unfortunately, the ceramic serving dish was broken upon arrival, so I crossed that off the list and focused on the brass and the lamp. Sure, I could have smashed the dish to bits and created a mosaic, but that's a lot of work, and a beige dish would make a rather non-descript mosaic. Oh, and I'm super lazy. 

The Lamp

I almost forgot a "before" picture of this sweet lamp. Here she is, all taped up before I painted her. Silly old Pixar lamp, the color of foundation. 

It is a perfectly good lamp, in working condition. I wasn't about to take it apart to make a planter or a bunk bed, or something super creative. 

I stumbled upon this image and found my direction. 

Hettie Anglepoise Table Lamp in Copper

 via Houzz

On a whim, I tried this spray paint, found at Target.

And hooray! I love how it turned out! It is more rose gold than copper, and matte with a stone texture. But I love it. 

The Brass

The brass was like a dreamy vision. I love brass. The only problem is that my love of brass prevented me from changing it in a dramatic way. Instead, I played around with it and added it to my halloween mantel. It will probably stay there through Thanksgiving and Christmas, because you can never have too much brass on a holiday mantel!

I received three shiny, perfect wall candle sconces. 

They are supposed to hang on the wall like this. That is my hand but that's not really my style. 

Rather than just hanging these as they are designed, I played and rearranged them. They're like little transformers; they unscrew in several places so you have plenty of options. 

I already had my collection of brass candlesticks arranged on the mantel for Halloween, so these blended right in, adding the perfect touch of extra height. 

Well that's where my story ends. I sent a box full of these treasures to Jeanie at Create and Babble. I can't wait to see what she created with these thrifty treasures! That wooden cheetah tray! 

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png

Be sure to check out all of the thrifty-swappy-fun this week!






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