01 November 2016

Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest Featuring Velvet Finishes

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Welcome to a new month and a new contest!

Green dresser, velvet finishes, forest green, DIY, painted furniture

For November we are teaming up with Velvet Finishes, and featuring a colorful theme!

Velvet Finishes is a new product for me, and I love trying new paints. This paint is low-VOC, and requires no sanding or priming. I wiped the dresser with a damp cloth, then used 'Ready' to prepare and degloss the surface. With no odor, I was able to paint in my living room, and binge on Stranger Things. 

This old dresser in our living room functions as a sideboard and storage for the kids' crafts. It started as a heavy, dark, dated piece, with tons of potential. Years ago, I primed the body of the dresser, left the top untouched, and updated the hardware. Then we moved to Ohio, and painting it moved to the bottom of my list of priorities. It sat this way, stark-primer white, waiting for me to decide on a color.  

Color is always the hardest part for me. 

Have you noticed the trend toward deep forest green lately? I am in love with it. In addition to the 21 colors above, there are several color recipes on the VF website, which is where I found the perfect forest green. 

I used a blend of Enchanting and Luxurious to create this color. I mixed and blended until I had the perfect color. 

Look at that beautiful satin finish. It has the perfect sheen without being shiny. 

And a closeup of my new favorite tin and the jade plant that refuses to die.

See what the rest of the team is up to this month! 

Contest Details:

November 2016 Theme: Colour Your World
Deadline: November 21st 

The winner will receive a $250 Velvet Finishes Gift Certificate!

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