31 January 2017

Master Bedroom | Masculine Mid Century Boho

          I have been working on the master bedroom, and I'm finally organized enough to share the plan and the progress! This has been a slow process. I'm taking my time in here, careful to get the ideas straight in my head, to reflect exactly how I want this room to feel - embracing slow design. With so much beauty and inspiration out there, sometimes what I love doesn't work in this house, (thanks to the off-white trim) and I adjust accordingly. So, after more than two years of pinning and thinking (see my inspiration pics here), I pulled the trigger and bought some paint.

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          This room sits on the corner of the house and has windows on two sides, the north and west. With plenty of sunlight throughout the day, I feel good about going dark for a cozy room that doesn't feel like a depressing cave. Here are a few "before" pics. 

          Over the years, we tried the bed on both walls and settled on the wall with two windows. I am a fan of symmetry, and it drove me batty to have a window on one side of the bed, and a blank wall on the other side. But place the bed between two windows, and it feels balanced.

          The lucite ball lamps were retired, and the old Pottery Barn metal bed went into storage. We bought that bed in 2005! I've had my eye on a beautiful headboard at West Elm, but I can't justify $900+ for a headboard. I'm not Warren Buffett for crying out loud, so I made my own simple wooden headboard. I'll show you how I made mine soon. I love the rich, warm woodgrain against the gray walls. It also coordinates nicely with the sweet old dresser I fixed up.

          I went with a medium gray on the walls - this is Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey. I used the same color in the powder room, and I love it in there. But the lighting is different in the bedroom, and sometimes it takes on an army green tone, so I may repaint at some point. So much for beauty of slow design. On the bright side, Jason loves it, and it's better than builder beige! 

          So that's the plan! The difficult things are done; room is painted, the headboard is in place, and the brass & glass globe pendant lights are hung. Below, Jasper is demonstrating his ability to relax regardless of camera proximity. (in the pic below, the headboard was leaning in place, not yet attached.)

          I am still finding and layering the bedding, and most of the furniture is there. The vintage Bassett dresser is my favorite piece so far. I'm patiently looking for the perfect pair of night stands, and a Persian rug. I have a set of four mid century legs that will be used to build a bench for the foot of the bed. It's coming together, but I have a handful of projects to tackle before it is done.

Vintage Bassett dresser makeover

          It feels great to walk into this room that finally feels like our style. More to come next week!
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  1. i love your basset dresser and basset dog. ;) love the plan for this room!!!!

    1. It's all I can do to not make the basset hound/basset dresser joke every time I write a post that includes both of them! So much self control! Thanks Cassie. :)

  2. Very nice. You have such a good eye, I always enjoy your posts. And I think its so nice that you respond to comments.


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