18 January 2017

Powder Room Redesign | Week 3

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          We' re almost to the finish line with our $100 four week room makeover challenge! This week I'm focusing on the art, mirror, and the new light.

          The oversized mirror might be my favorite part of this room. It is so much larger than the original oval mirror, and what a difference that extra reflection makes in this small room. I mentioned last week that it came free with a mid century dresser I found at Goodwill. As I was driving away, the employee who helped me load the dresser in my car, stopped me and ran back in to grab it for me. I'm so glad he remembered it. Even though I never intended to use it with the dresser, I knew it would find a home somewhere.

          Because it is so heavy, we used a French Cleat to hang it, securing one part into two studs in the wall and the other part to the wood frame. The two parts fit together for a perfectly level and securely-hung mirror. This is my favorite method of hanging very heavy objects, and I recently used a French Cleat to hang the new head board in the master bedroom. I will include more about how it works in my upcoming post about the headboard.

          The new light is a huge improvement from the tiny amber light we replaced, but still not permanent. The swirly shadows cast by this fixture are distracting, and it doesn't hang quite as low as I would like. We will eventually move this fixture to the mudroom when I find something better for this room, but it makes a huge difference in here in brightness and style.

          In addition to the framed floral fabric, (which ironed quite nicely!) I framed a print from a show I attended in Cincinnati, at the historic Herzog Studio. They were selling this print with an audio download, and other original prints by local artists. It sits on this chair for now, but next week it will be on the wall.

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          With just a few remaining touches, this room will be done! I am so impressed with the other rooms in this challenge. Hop over to see what the other folks in this challenge are up to. There are some talented people out there who show that you can make a big impact without spending a lot of money. 

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  1. I think the mirror works perfectly. And I like the light fixture, even if it's not permanent. I am so excited for next week's reveals!!!

  2. The light fixture and mirror are gorgeous!! I just love the direction you took with this powder room.

  3. Such an improvement! Again, great color choices!

  4. Framing fabric is a great idea and I love just about anything floral. Can't wait until next week.

  5. Oh yes, the mirror is so great! Good find

  6. I just love how all these colors are coming together! It's already looking amazing!

  7. I love that print! And the mirror is awesome, especially because it was an unexpected bonus with the dresser!

  8. My husband used french cleats for his pachinko machines, never though of using them for a head board or heavy mirror, thanks for the tip. Huge Hank Senior fan. Honky Tonk lovin' your makeover. Can't wait to see the reveal!

  9. Oooh that light is soo pretty! But i can see your point with the swirly shadows. Not so great for a bathroom...


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