14 February 2017

An Old Desk Gets a Modern Pink Makeover

          This was a quick project that I needed to tackle for the sake of my own sanity. I've said it before & I'll say it again: making old things new again, and the process of updating unwanted objects is like therapy for me. Free therapy. Lately I've been mentally bogged down by big projects hanging over my head, like prettying up the world's brownest kitchen, and the entire prospect of downsizing our current home. So I decided to take on a small project that could be done in a matter of days.


          I found this little desk and brought it home. Somewhere in its life, it lived with a cat who hated it, and demonstrated this by scratching the hell out of it. Other than the scratches and possible toddler bites on the lower right, it was in great condition. I love how the legs splay, giving it character without looking too fancy. The original hardware was mostly salvageable, except for the two lower knobs on the right, which had also been destroyed by the aforementioned angry animal that hates pretty wooden things.

          Inspired by this romantic month, I opted for pink and a bit of floral, and this may be a first. I can't remember painting anything pink before. My girls aren't fans of the color pink, so I haven't had the opportunity.  And they certainly don't care for flowers.      

          As usual, I am amazed by the magic of General Finishes Gel Stain. I used an old t-shirt to apply a thin coat of gel stain all over the dark lower section, to blend away the hate scratches and revive the overall finish. I sealed my work with a coat of GF High Performance Top Coat in Satin, my personal favorite top coat.

          For hardware, I was down two original knobs, so I used the remaining "good ones" on top, simply painted the same pink, and purchased two simple unfinished wooden knobs (for .79!), and stained those with the same Java Gel Stain. The goal was to make the hardware blend in.


          Here is something exciting and new! I have a place to take my furniture when it's fixed and beautiful and my therapy is complete. As much as I love the process of improving furniture, my house is full, and fixing furniture does not lend itself to my new fledgling minimalist ideals and the whole effort to have less stuff. Enter my friend Amanda. We met and immediately connected at a conference last summer. We have this whole Converse, Birkenstock, ripped jeans, and Jack White thing that sparked the friendship, certainly firmed up by more important things. But every friendship has to start somewhere, right?

         Amanda lives in the next state over. (that would be Kentucky) Not so close that we can have coffee every morning, dang it, but close enough that I can hop in the car for a mind-clearing drive and spend a few hours in her company, which always leaves me feeling energized and glittery. Because she throws glitter at people. Literally and figuratively. A few months ago she opened The Georgetown Makery and an attached store, by and for makers, Magpie at The Makery, with her best friend, Stacey. My girls might not want a two-toned modern pink desk, but perhaps someone who shops at Magpie will. This piece and others will be there soon!

          Care to see what my friends have been up to in the past month?

J Burns Designs- Cass Toy Chest
Thirty Eighth Street- Scandinavian Inspired Nightstands
That Sweet Tea Life- A Fireplace Fabulous,.. With SPiT

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png


  1. Such an adorable desk!!! I love the Reverse Dip on it,.. clean and classy!

  2. So cute! I love flowers and pink, though I also have a hard time finding a place for it in my home. :)

  3. OMG I am smitten with this piece! Nicely done my friend!!

  4. Beautiful Colleen! That pink is just gorgeous, perfectly subtle.

  5. Love this desk redo and your cat analogy. ;) GF worked magic on those spots!

  6. Very sweet- I love the contrast you created by keeping the bottom dark.


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