28 February 2017

Two Bedroom Designs Inspired by Wes Anderson

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design board Wes Anderson

          Wes Anderson is probably my favorite movie guy; director, producer, actor, writer. I jumped at the chance to join eight blog friends in a celebration of Wes Anderson. Thank you Jess (Domicile 37) and for organizing the whole "Inspired By DIY" series, and Kathryn (Up To Date Interiors) for helping to facilitate it. Deciding which film to highlight was tough. I love each movie in its own way, but I have a soft spot for Moonrise Kingdom, I think it reminds me of home in Upstate NY. I see my kids in the precocious young characters, exploring and enjoying the great outdoors.

          I am grateful for lakes and woods and the fantastic adventures kids create when their imaginations run wild outdoors, in the fresh air. Can we do more to encourage that?

          This was the scene in our Ohio back yard two weekends ago. They proudly gave me an animated tour, including (harmless) weapons they fashioned out of sticks and string, a bridge across the creek, a swing hung from the trees. The fox is the perfect Wes Anderson touch! Wrong movie, but still pretty fantastic. A small taste of spring-like weather in southwest Ohio made for an adventurous long weekend for these kids.

Back to Moonrise Kingdom...
          Aesthetically, this movie has just about every element I adore: set in the 1960's, in a tiny community surrounded by lakes, woods, a rocky New England coast, maps, vintage details, an excess of plaid, Bill Murray - Bill Murray wearing PLAID, and smart, slightly depressing deadpan humor.

Moonrise Kingdom - Wes Anderson - Bill Murray

          Unlike Anderson's other movies that are typically full of saturated color and sharply contrasting patterns and angles, this movie is soft, muted, viewed through a sepia filter.

He has a way with symmetry, almost obsessive, and I really love that. Google "Wes Anderson symmetry" and you'll see what I'm talking about. It's a thing.

Moonrise Kingdom - Wes Anderson

The First Design Inspired by Moonrise Kingdom
          Suzy Bishop's room is composed of elements pulled from interior scenes; the braided rug, the chair and black & white curtains. The vintage yellow suitcase, portable record player, and binoculars rarely leave her side. Oil paintings, a typewriter, and a stack of interesting old books complete the look. Coincidentally, I was working on the pink colorblock desk and pulling this design together at the same time, and heck if it doesn't belong in there! Seeing everything together, it has a definite Anthropologie vibe. 
Similar items: rug / chair / curtains 

          This post is already getting too long, so I'll save Sam Shakusky's design for Thursday. Come back for a healthy dose of plaid and vintage scout style, all pulled together with a sweet raccoon hat detail.

          Be sure to check out the other projects inspired by Wes Anderson's films, with the links below. I am excited to see which films each person chose to focus on. Thanks again to Jess (Domicile 37) and Kathryn (Up To Date Interiors) for hosting and organizing this Inspired by DIY event! And thanks for giving me an excuse to publicly geek out on this movie.

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  1. love the pretty palette of that space- i could live in that room!

  2. Moonrise Kingdom is my favorite too. So much plaid! Love this room so much. The pink is so pretty!

  3. Looks like you nailed it! P.s it looks like your summers are a blast. Am I invited?!

    1. Of course you're invited! You would have so much fun. Did I mention there are hundreds of wineries there too?

  4. I really love the interiors form this movie and I think your moodboard nails it perfectly, especially for a little girls' room.

  5. Nice inspiration.. all those vintage pieces are gorgeous.

  6. I love seeing your summer pictures and hearing how they relate to your room design. Just perfect!

  7. That desk is fantastic and so is your moodboard! Those photos look like they have so many great memories attached to them, thanks for sharing!


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