14 March 2017

A New Twist On a Traditional Desk

         I guess my new thing is hitting an old fashioned desk with a new look, then adding floral paper, because that's what happened last time. But this one is really quite different!
Modern Traditional Desk 58 Water Street

          I picked up this desk, circa 1980-something, a few months ago for $30, maybe? I don't remember.

          Ella needed a new desk. Something with drawers and enough space for crafts and general creativity, but not so big as to dominate her bedroom. My girl is surprisingly picky, too. But this one checked all the boxes, including a price tag under $50.

          She requested a fresh coat of white, and new hardware, and some cool drawer paper. I convinced her to keep the legs unpainted, and she was hesitant, but loves it! She asked to keep the knee area unpainted, which I love.

DIY, painted furniture, furniture makeover, modern makeover, hardware

          We shopped for hardware for a good long time before agreeing on this combination. 

DIY, hardware, floral paper

          The drawer paper is magical.

DIY, furniture makeover, painted furniture. floral, drawer liners, drawer paper

          I wasn't 100% sold on the stag hardware, but Ella fell in love with it immediately, and it turned out better than any of the other options under consideration. I think it makes a spectacular statement right in the center. Lesson learned: listen to your kids and keep an open mind.

DIY, hardware, furniture makeover, desk          

           What a difference! This will look so cute in her room, which I will be repainting very soon. Farewell to the green and hello warm gray. This will fit right in. 

furniture makeover, DIY, painted furniture,
My crafty girls are up to some good stuff too!

1. Restoration Hardware Weathered Wood Dresser Finish by J. Burns Design
3. Unique Painted Etagere by Just the Woods, LLC.
4. Efex Applique Table by That Sweet Tea Life
5. General Finishes Painted Armoire by Thirty Eighth Street
6. New Twist on a Traditional Desk by 58 Water Street

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png

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