29 March 2017

Shared Bathroom Design | The Big Reveal

   It's the final week of the March $100 Room Challenge and I am so in love with this room!

          We started with a bathroom shared by our two girls, a pre-teen and a teenager. The space was disjointed and mismatched, and didn't feel young or happy or pretty. As a result, there was no motivation to keep it clean and organized. Need a reminder of what it looked like before? This shared bathroom has an individual sink/cabinet area on each end, with a shared shower and toilet in the middle, so each girl has her own sink.

          With input from the girls, and a beachy family vacation picture for inspiration, we created a design board and outlined a budget of $100.

          I exceeded the budget by $17. I feel guilty for exceeding the budget, but also ecstatic about what was accomplished for only $117! The majority of the projects were completed, but some things were crossed off the list due to budget or practicality. The painted floor design scared me, with the possibility of selling the house in a year or two. Framing the mirrors didn't happen because the lights are installed so close to the mirror, leaving little room for the frame.

          Ella's side before and after:

Natalie's side before and after:

We installed shelves over the toilet, and I don't know they survived 2+ years without that storage. 

          This dark tunnel is the birthplace of bad photography and grainy pictures.

The budget breaks down like this:
  • cabinet paint - leftover Annie Sloan Graphite
  • wall paint - leftover BM Annapolis Gray 
  • shower curtain - $20 (Target)
  • towel rings - $20 ($10/each; Hobby Lobby)
  • accent rugs - $30 ($15/each; Target) 
  • beach print - $12 (Snapfish)
  • shelves - leftover wood and paint
  • frames around mirrors
  • board with towel hooks - leftover wood and paint / hardware $8 for a 6-pack
  • turquoise cabinet hardware - $20
  • frame for beach print - $7

See previous weeks here:

I'm sending a thousand thank yous to Erin at Lemons Lavender and Laundry for organizing this once again! Be sure to stop by the other blogs to see the transformations! 

 photo c44d9eee-e722-4c7c-8035-483a6e49f131.png


  1. Awesome job! Totally used to have that shower curtain, too. :)

  2. You did a beautiful job on both sides of the bathroom!

  3. I really love this! I totally love the color you chose for the vanities, it is awesome! I also love the large phto in the shower room with the hanging pegs and colorful towels, just so cute!

  4. This is wonderful. You totally nailed the beachy vibe, and I'm in love with that adorable little hand towel!! Such a fun space.

  5. I love all the turquoise! It is right up my alley :D

  6. Great work Colleen. Love the color. And I might reuse your idea for the towels hooks for my 2nd bathroom. Just love the look of it! It looks neet even with towels on :-)

  7. That photo is the best. Love the playfulness of it. You did so good on this!

  8. I love how it all came together! It's definitely beachy. Is it weird that my favorite part is the pom pom's on that little rug? I'm already looking forward to July and the next makeover!

  9. Great job on completing such a pretty space that I'm sure both your girls love!

  10. Gorgeous!!! I love the beachy serene feel you have going on. I'm sure your daughters appreciate the beautiful makeover too.

  11. WOW! It looks so beautiful! I love the teal and turquoise elements (my favourite colours). Your girls are really lucky!

  12. It look so beautiful! I love the beachy colors. Hopefully now your girls will want to keep it clean :)

  13. I love it!!! This bathroom is so much more cohesive. The shelving is perfect above the toilet. And, hey, $117 is not bad at all. You did a ton on a very small budget. Congratulations on a beautiful space!

  14. absolutely gorgeous! thank you for sharing!

  15.  you really did a beautiful job! I love how bright & fresh everything looks. keep sharing more blog


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