Our Home In Ohio

We've been living in our new home in Ohio since August, and it finally feels like we're settling in.

Here it is, empty, before the movers arrived:

You can see the full house tours here (main floor) here (second floor) and here (lower level and exterior). 


The dining room is complete:

Ella's room is complete:

Natalie's room received a quick update:

A gallery wall went up in the living room, featuring all of the states we've lived in:

...the backs of the built-ins were painted deep navy (Sherwin Williams Inkwell) to match the dining rooms walls:

...and I made curtains from my favorite Nate Berkus print:


The laundry room received some easy updates:

I had a blast styling the  back yard for fall:


  1. I love your outdoor fireplace! I can't wait to see how you decorate your new home!

    1. The back yard was a huge selling point for us. Decorating this house is a fun challenge!


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