About 58 Water Street


This is where I share my love of design, antiques, and custom furniture restoration projects. I believe in the magic of treasure hunting at estate sales, thrift stores, and on Craig's List; in buying high quality pieces that add to the unique style of your home. 

I believe in a bold mix of old and new,

and bringing beauty back to once loved pieces.

I would rather save something with a history than buy new from a store. 
I grew up in {upstate} New York, with dairy farms, vineyards, and wineries, far from the city

In college I studied Industrial & Labor Relations and worked in that field for several years. 

I met my husband at work; he was a Chemical Engineer and I was the HR Manager. 

We married, and have lived in New York, California, Iowa, Louisiana, Utah, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Ohio over the past 15 years.

We have three kids,

a sweet basset hound named Jasper, (who loves us)

and a cat named Minneapolis (who uses us for food and shelter).

I love old buildings, and my idea of a great vacation includes a mid-sized city with an interesting history and a sweet AirBnb setup.

I am a devoted vegetarian, and passively impart these values on my kids. 

Live music is like raw therapy, and I've met some of my favorite people in the front row of various concerts. 


Let's go hunting for some sweet old brass at The Salvation Army!
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