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Tips for Creating an Outdoor Movie Screen

Watch a good movie with your family or friends in the backyard with an outdoor screen you’ve made from scratch. Prepare your pillows and popcorn for a unique experience under the heavenly bodies.
Here are the materials needed:

3 pcs of 10- foot PVC pipes- 1/4 inch
2 pcs of elbow PVC pipes- 1/4 inch
2 pcs of T-joint PVC pipes- 1/4 inch
6 by 9-foot drop cloth
Scissors and Hammer
2 U-channel posts

Cut your 10- foot PVC pipes into 3-foot and 7-foot using a hacksaw. Save one pipe and cut it into two equal …

DIY Caning Projects to Make Furniture at Home

Cane furniture is a design that ancient Egypt had. Though this sounds ancient, there is no doubt that caning is still a trend even today. Caning projects are made using thin rattin strips that are interwoven to give a natural pattern. If you are looking to create cane headboard for your home, here are some ideas.
You will need three panels to make a headboard for your bed. So, to create you cane headboard, follow the steps below:

Create three frames from poplar wood that fits the width of your bed.
Staple the long side of the board to the short one at the back.
Wrap your cane around the built frame …

Choosing the Right Glue for Your Projects

Choosing the correct supplies for your crafts can be challenging. When you think of what glue you should use, it can be quite confusing, especially if you are new to DIY. So, here’s a guide we’ve made for you about glues.

Every glue is unique. You will need to choose a glue that sticks to a specific surface. One glue is not sufficient to secure all your craft projects and DIYs.
Choosing the right adhesive is about making one surface stick to another. Also, you need to consider its flexibility and its reaction to weather temperatures.

Choosing the most effective craft …