Eye-Watering Decor was founded in 2012 by Ann Jackson, a mother of two who enjoys being creative at home. Ann strived to make a living out of her crafts and worked single-handedly for years. After a while, she decided to create the Eye-Watering Decor’s Creative Team.

Ann started this blog just recently and expects it to grow over the years. She’s immensely proud of how far her crafts have come now that they are available to the World Wide Web! She is also confident that each of her crafts will be an inspiration to many.

Our Creative Team

Eye-Watering Décor’s team is composed of the editorial head, the social media manager, and the virtual assistant.

Editorial Head

Our editorial manager is Laurie, a young woman in her 20s. She oversees the creation of website content and developing new ones. She loves to travel and explore different cultures. Ever since she joined our team, she has never looked in any other direction.

Social Media Manager

Our social media manager, Maddie, started working on crafts ever since she was a college student. What makes her a cut above the rest is her social media skills. Her main role is to market the business to the world through social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest. Also, she keeps an eye on the newest trends, especially on Instagram.

Virtual Assistant

Jenny, our hard-working virtual assistant, makes sure that she keeps track of popular posts and keeps them updated. The beauty of her work comes from all the freedom it gives her. She is simply a happy woman doing the job she loves.

We believe that our Creative Team makes our dreams work!