Make a DIY Farmhouse Bench

A farmhouse bench is a great way to enjoy dinner with your family for dinner. A farmhouse bench is a timeless piece that will make your home more welcoming. If you are planning to start on this project, here are steps to follow.
Materials needed:                  

Pine board- 1 x 4 x 96 inches and 1 x 8 x 96 inches
Wall stud- 2 x 4 x 96 inches
Pocket-hole screws- 1 (1/4) inch panhead
Pocket-hole screws- 2  (1/2_ inch panhead
Wood screws- 1 (1/4) inch
Miter saw
Pocket-hole jig
Tape measure…

Tips for Creating an Outdoor Movie Screen

Watch a good movie with your family or friends in the backyard with an outdoor screen you’ve made from scratch. Prepare your pillows and popcorn for a unique experience under the heavenly bodies.
Here are the materials needed:

3 pcs of 10- foot PVC pipes- 1/4 inch
2 pcs of elbow PVC pipes- 1/4 inch
2 pcs of T-joint PVC pipes- 1/4 inch
6 by 9-foot drop cloth
Scissors and Hammer
2 U-channel posts

Cut your 10- foot PVC pipes into 3-foot and 7-foot using a hacksaw. Save one pipe and cut it into two equal …

Homemade Bath Bombs

Bath bombs make perfect gifts this gift-giving season. Not only are they easy to make, but they are also customizable according your preference. Plus, your kids can make them with little supervision to improve their creativity. Here’s what you need to prepare and how you do it.
Baking soda- 1 cup
Citric acid- ½ cup
Cornstarch- ½ cup
Dried lavender- food grade
Epsom salt- ½ cup
Coconut oil- 2 ½ tbsp
Liquid coloring
Water- ¾ tbsp
Essential oils- 15 drops
Baking sheet
Glass jar
Measuring cup and spoons

DIY Caning Projects to Make Furniture at Home

Cane furniture is a design that ancient Egypt had. Though this sounds ancient, there is no doubt that caning is still a trend even today. Caning projects are made using thin rattin strips that are interwoven to give a natural pattern. If you are looking to create cane headboard for your home, here are some ideas.
You will need three panels to make a headboard for your bed. So, to create you cane headboard, follow the steps below:

Create three frames from poplar wood that fits the width of your bed.
Staple the long side of the board to the short one at the back.
Wrap your cane around the built frame …

Do-It-Yourself Dried Lavender Candles

If you love the smell and color of lavender, then you’ll want to know how to use its stems to create lavender candles. Here are the easy steps on how to utilize dried lavender and make them into scented candles.

Candle wax- 1 cup
Dried lavender stalks
Double boiler
Mason jar- 8oz
Medium candle wick
Spice and flower essential oil- 5 drops
Twine- 10 inches


Use a boiler to melt a candle wax.
Place 5 stems of lavender in your mason jar. Lay them on the sides.
Pour …

De-stressing With a Forsythia Wreath

Beat stress by creating a forsythia wreath to improve the aesthetics of your home. Though this may take some time, it is a great de-stressor which is extremely easy to do. So, make your home more welcoming for your visitors with a forsythia wreath!
Materials needed:

Grapevine wreath
Floral wire- 22-gauge
Forsythia stems- 15 pieces
Hot glue
Wire snips


Start by cutting some sprigs of forsythia plant using wire snips.
Pick up the fallen flowers from the branches for later use.
For your convenience, separate your sprigs into two …

How to Make Seashell Fish

Are you fond of collecting seashells but don’t know what to do with them?  Well, you can use them as decoration for your picture frames, school projects, fridge, etc. If you don’t have a collection, you can purchase them at craft shops, thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales. Most often, you will see a bag of shells sold in stores.
Materials needed:

Grab glue
Googly eyes

Step-by-step instructions for making seashell fish

To create seashell fish, prepare the seashells in different sizes. Lay out the shells depending on how you want your fish to look like…

Tips for Making Oobleck

Do you want your kids to be more active and creative? If yes, then teach them how to make their own Oobleck! An Oobleck has the same properties as slime and comes in both liquid and solid form.
It can also be likened to a quicksand which is a great way to keep your kids active and creative.
Materials needed:

Corn starch
Food coloring
Plastic bowl
Measuring cup
Plastic spoon

Here are the instructions on how to create this intriguing art:

Fill the plastic bowl with one cup of water.
Add about one and a half cup of cornstarch in …

Choosing the Right Glue for Your Projects

Choosing the correct supplies for your crafts can be challenging. When you think of what glue you should use, it can be quite confusing, especially if you are new to DIY. So, here’s a guide we’ve made for you about glues.

Every glue is unique. You will need to choose a glue that sticks to a specific surface. One glue is not sufficient to secure all your craft projects and DIYs.
Choosing the right adhesive is about making one surface stick to another. Also, you need to consider its flexibility and its reaction to weather temperatures.

Choosing the most effective craft …