Choosing the Right Glue for Your Projects

Choosing the correct supplies for your crafts can be challenging. When you think of what glue you should use, it can be quite confusing, especially if you are new to DIY. So, here’s a guide we’ve made for you about glues.


  • Every glue is unique. You will need to choose a glue that sticks to a specific surface. One glue is not sufficient to secure all your craft projects and DIYs.
  • Choosing the right adhesive is about making one surface stick to another. Also, you need to consider its flexibility and its reaction to weather temperatures.

Choosing the most effective craft glue also needs some testing. Craft companies test their adhesives to know how well they stick to different kinds of surfaces. If you are a craft enthusiast, this can be a fun learning experience for you.

We’ve also made a guide for you:

  • E600 and Loctite Glue- These types of glue work perfectly on glassy surfaces.
  • E600, Gorilla Super Gel, and Loctite Epoxy Bonder- These glues stick best on plastic.
  • Epoxy glue- Best works for metal surfaces.

What about your typical glue? Well, you can use that for paper projects. Knowing the correct glue to use makes you a master of your art.

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