DIY Caning Projects to Make Furniture at Home

Cane furniture is a design that ancient Egypt had. Though this sounds ancient, there is no doubt that caning is still a trend even today. Caning projects are made using thin rattin strips that are interwoven to give a natural pattern. If you are looking to create cane headboard for your home, here are some ideas.

You will need three panels to make a headboard for your bed. So, to create you cane headboard, follow the steps below:

  1. Create three frames from poplar wood that fits the width of your bed.
  2. Staple the long side of the board to the short one at the back.
  3. Wrap your cane around the built frame and keep the strands secure together.
  4. After the first strand, attach it to your frame and begin with the next one.
  5. Continue the procedure until you’ve wrapped and attached about 100 strands to the frame’s back.
  6. Turn the whole thing 90 degrees, and in a corner, attach one strand on the back of the frame’s long side.
  7. Staple about nine more until you’ve secured 10 strands to the frame.
  8. Weave the 10 strands under and over the perpendicular strands. Do this until you reach the frame’s end, and staple.
  9. Apply 10 strands to the opposite side. Weave them until you’ve covered the whole frame.
  10. Secure the frames by reinforcing two poplar boards at the back.

Though the steps sound a bit complicated, it will be worth your time.

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